The Supernatural Interdimensional Beings of Cherokee Myth and Legend

As we enter into the Age of Awakening, More and More People Around the World Are beginning to see what has been, until now mostly Unseen. Realms that slice through our own dimension are teeming with life. The Inter-dimensional beings that Inhabit the regions of empty space that seemingly separate Us from Other Persons, Places and Things.

“When you catch a glimpse behind the Veil, that is the other dimensions that intersect our own, instantly your mind will be forever changed. You’ll begin to see your role in the scheme of things, the inter-connectedness of all things, perception of our planet Earth as alive and sentient. A single living conscious organism to which we and our environment are parts of a whole. Life, Death and our World will take on new meaning from higher perspectives. ” – Elverette Ingnis

The Emergence of Mythic Beings of Native American and Cherokee Legends as they begin the long awaited time to initiate a renewed effort to reconnect and make contact with mankind

As prophesied by collective Visions shared by many tribes in both North and South America, a time would come in the future when the Earth would become so polluted and toxic that a shift in consciousness would occur in alignment with 2012, the Age of Aquarius and Aeon of Horus. Among the generations in those days and from their folds would come the children of Gaia, both men and women from all races of the Earth that would join together in peace and collaboration to initiate the healing process, empathy and then to nurture the resulting harmonic balance through action and raising levels of awareness through first hand knowledge and inner-standing that Our Planet is a Living Being, a Living Planet that is all-knowing, aware, and that feels. She (Gaia) like those of us formed from the clay, the flesh from the Mother, and is an intelligent sentient Being on the macroscopic level.

Those who come forth from their homelands to fulfill prophesy will be known as Rainbow Warriors; A Rainbow composed of skin tones, a coming together of all the races: the Red, Yellow, Black and White. The unification of the peoples of this planet will reflect the Native American Medicine Wheel, usually depicted as a equilateral cross draped in a back ground of color in one of the four quadrants surrounding the cross enclosed in a circle. The Red portion represents the Native American peoples, the Earth, the body and all material things. The black colored Quadrant represents the dark skinned or melaninated races and Water the “Soul”or the deep inner self. The Yellow colored quadrant represents the Asian races and associated with mental acumen, intellect, communication and ideas. The White area represents Fire and the white races the people who harness the forces of Fire, passion and Will. Together these symbols remind us of these natural forces at work in our daily affairs and lives and the more balanced the more harmony is summoned into our lives.

For Ages Many tribes of North and South America told of a day when the Earth near dying from Pollution would birth a new collective of healers stewards and caretakers of our Great Mother Earth. And in these days it is said that the Beings of Myths and Legends will once again emerge from natural unseen abodes within the Natural lands and forests of the Earth, rekindling relations of ancient times with our planet’s expert Terra-former those who since the beginning of known history had a hand in the original creation that transformed Earth into the symbiotic life giving utopias that peppered landscapes around her girth, ecosystems we know today as the ever dwindling living Rain forests of Gaia. Together it is possible to turn things around and avert an otherwise catastrophic end of all life as we know it. They’ve already extended hand and bridged dimensions in this endeavor to an increasing body of folks known as seers, rainbow warriors and others who seek to quit lifestyles that served self at the expense of nature and embrace the wild idea of serving the planet and her flora and innocent Fauna. Join others in the good fight to help restore the dignity and majesty of this blue jewel of the Solar system we call home.work together with mankind in a final effort to restore health and vitality to the planet., to work together towards healing ourselves and this precious living sphere we all share and depend on for our own well being in the web of life. The Great Unveiling is Here – Join me as I share magical experiences with the “Good Neighbors” the Fair Folk, the Sidhe-Like Interdimensional Beings like those of Myth and Legend well known in Ireland and other countries around the world. Read on to learn more about North America’s Native Amerian Tribes versions of similar class of these “People” and how you too can locate and connect with them yourself to raise the quality of life, expanded consciousness and to experience the magic, deep inner healing and overall estatic well being that comes along with perceiving the enchanted realms that are just the other side of the three dimensional world we perceive and call home. Once one has seen these realms and their interdimensioal inhabitants you’ll never think of life, death, yourself and others, we share the earth and the Universe with, the same way again, it will be forever changed when glimpsed from these higher perspectives. Long ago the Tribes of North America as well as cultures around the world once held close symbiotic relationships,a multidimensional kinship with our “Elder Brothers”, Those large and Small Invisible beings, the hidden inter dimensional dwellers of the Unseen Worlds that surround us and slice through our three dimensional collective matrix. Journey with Us to learn what it is to leave beliefs behind for experiential knowing by taking that proverbial step out on a limb and the transformative experiences that come with such eyes wide open visually seeing them appear and working with these highly intelligent beings. When interaction occurs the Magic will eclipse anything shown in the Harry Potter stories. Reclaim your own power and how to use it. See your own spirit or Etheric Body and take the Woo forever out of spirituality with self evident truth and facts of hidden science kept from our personal use for thousands of years. Time has come to reclaim our lineage and natural right to converse and work with these Majestic Beings.

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