Gate Keepers ~ Guardian of the Water People’s Realm

As I began my self initiation in complete unawareness not knowingly realising what I was becoming.  I was steadfastly transforming myself from someone with medium low abilities in clairvoyancy and now into becoming a seer, it didn’t take long to reach a conclusion about the different types of inter-dimensional beings.  And that is there is usually a gatekeeper or guardian spirit/beings in every Elementals environs.  For the Water People even though their guardian is fierce and resilient moreso than I’d noted so far in my journeys  into using second sight.  I’ll likely write a post for each type of gate keep encountered here instead of trying to categorize them all in one sitting.

Of all the gatekeepers, this One by far is not only entertaining but most memorable.  “He” was like a watch dog and noticed my presence in their realm every time while others didn’t seem to mind nor care .   Except for Mermaids, the most beautiful women I’d ever seen, just stunning beauty and playful flirting demeanor was about as good at got I recall thinking at the time.  Each time I’d start to go into trance till I pierced the water’s veil then like a switch open eyed transposed scenes my and theirs overlaid where I could no longer perceive my own but had entered the Underworld. It was always the air of relief sitting on the sidelines knowing that I’d made it in again. Repeat-ability, consistency, the scientific method was at work in all techniques I used to transmigrate into intersecting dimensions.  Now just to hang out and watch, letting it unfold on its own. I could see boaters in canoes, running along side bank and jumping in in what appears to be a race. Families on sunny shoreline picnic ing swimming, playing.  Then my awareness snaps back to the creek as a well defined pair of shimmering translucent waterie legs go walking by on top of waters surface.  Oh wow I recall, smiling as I realize here we go, definitely gonna be some action today.  I begin noticing quite a few “people” translucent to nearly invisible only a shimmer or flint of wavy liquidness caught my eye in the afternoon sunshine between myself and the warm orange orb, I fondly call “near Star”.  As I continued watching letting it all unfold without my own restrict or expectations taint the encounter as these beings began to “snap” into view, I gasped.  It was here watching them cone and go walking by my on top of the water like Jesus is said to have done.  I noticed one of the passer-bys do a double take at me, and uh oh, that pit in my stomach, busted, stay calm no fear ice done no wrong and harmed none. I told myself. As this most strange waterie almost invisible being began to wyeme seriously. I waited as a lay in trance sprawled out on the zero gravity chair I use for such activities outside.  He charged me all of a sudden but what made it so outstanding was he faked me, like he wasn’t gonna do anything then rapidly circled around where he stood coming within a foot or so from my face and walked off.  Damn I thought as a thought slipped through the “gatekeeper of my own mind, why do these experiences outdo the ones that came before, as if there’s some sort of competition to levels of crazy, magic, magick, unbelievable encounters the sort of circumstances and situations that honestly I, nor anyone I know could possibly make up, I reflected with a slight grin not seen in the pitch blackness of nights deep under the canopied trees of post Beltane nearing Summer Solstice in the Appalachians of North Carolina.  The kind of limited exterior repressed smile that like the tip of an iceberg wells up inside the cup of the heart and boundless airy skies of mind, in this hard to describe ecstatic joy felt, tangibly with no second guessing, as one approximates having ventured into Magical Lands/Enchanted Realms and upon meeting some of the inhabitants in all of their Glamore and Grandeur.  Bring that back with you and share it with your tribe in the village and take a seated meditative position upon the Zafudon of a full cup of warm peace and contentedness, blissful abiding in a taste of what’s in store for Earth’s future and for us individually as we find our way to Heaven’s Door.

The Water Indians “Yunwi amayi nehi, are one of the easier to See”and mostly seem ambivalent at worst about being watched among all the Elementals.  I’d say they’re the fayeway or gateway “drug” of their worlds…class due to their physical underwater appearance can act as a catalyst in short circuiting the mind’s doubting Thomas “kill switch” whose function is simple, to keep man forever oblivious to his extrasensory abilities as much as

Wrath of one of Water’s guardian gatekeepers. ( A photo taken recently and used here a visual example of what they look like in real life.  They are very real and physical once confronted by one of these guys leaves no doubt they’re a water spout, that point of conciouss intellect that is driving this mass of water is very similar to my own consciousness, I easily recognized it and it’s seat, in the midst of the mass of water coagulating enough to take on form.  The ones I’d interacted with in the beginning appeared in these water gel translucent long lanky arms and trunk with shorter legs and squatty waist down. Their face held similar feature and countenance as the Stone Giants of Easter Island, except when they’re trying to scare me outta the realm their face take on a more hostile and threatening expression.  Since gifting them that first time, never have I been challenged afterwards when piercing through the veil that separates our worlds.  The small gift(s) were nothing, hardly reflected the sheer gratitude I feel towards them for putting up with me, having faith and trust that their efforts in reaching out to someone like me who could be relied on upon, shared simar vision of making the truth of Gaia’s plight through some of her darkest days known in the hearts and minds of my people.  When it comes down to it I can go into the forest and spill my heart out, naked without shame and know they are there, hear me, without judgement or blame their wise counsel and assistance when needed in life and giving what feels like downloads the kind of information that helps one out by revealing insider secrets or helping hand at times with what feels like a new operating system and reboot.  As one who has spent lots of time with their kind I’ve noticed changes that have impaired my abilities in areas or aspects of life that no longer serve myself or the Earth. Meaningless Persuits that ensnare perpetuating destructive negative cycles. cyclesx now seen peak desire Monopoly like play money printed on dead trees, without their consent repurposed by the Babylon’s banking and commerce dynasties into crisp new hundred dollar bills backed by nothing but the working potential, mathematical statistical wizardry estimates the millions just one lifetime of a consumer-working drone prototypes used in the end days.we truly are born into a system of tight controls and restricted freedoms. An invisible prison of the mind, and all of us are delivered here by our poor unsuspecting parents into bondage as debter slaves, here to payoff the debts of our forefathers in an endless cycle that never gets caught up.
The Water Indians “Yunwi amayi nehi, are one of the easier to See”and mostly seem ggg can act as a catalyst in short circuiting the mind’s doubting Thomas “kill switch” whose function is simple, to keep man forever oblivious to his extrasensory abilities as much as possible keeping us stuck in denser realities.  A reasonable thing to do if you’re a nature spirit trying to keep our mischief in check and protecting delicate boundaries that separate their world from ours.  Now however I’m pointing at something I’ve never seen before and very curious as to what I was looking at and videotaping.  Video can be viewed on the Rainbow 🌈 warrior YouTube channel sometime later today.  I walked close to it thinking it was some trash like an old plastic trash bag or something caught up in a eddy current.  It appears to be sand.  A Creation of water and earth elements.

Well all things, especially those favored or liked must end and so did the rush of facing off the water’s keeper.  It ended the day I gave the mermaids and Water people, yes even expressly giving to the gate keeper. Afterwards never seen him again nor did I get to test my nerves and abilities of controlling fear response, reacting in ways to deepen my time in their realm instead, by keeping my pulse even, breath slower speed, and clipping racing thoughts of fear or reveling in the exhilaration of inter-dimensional interaction with beings that seem larger than life.

Milk and Roses, Mermaids favorite offerings. A similar offering years ago retired a gatekeeper whom I’ve not seen since

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