There’s no way I could have ever predicted that I’d be doing blogs, especially on the subject matter and information that I’ll be sharing through the posts I’ll be writing about. As we’ve made it half way through 2020, it’s my hope and dream that more people are gaining spiritual vision like no time in known history collectively 20/20 vision clear sight. The clear light of enlightenment projected by all where no thing is hidden in the dark any longer and nothing but truth will be known by all or available to those who desire to know it.

In addition to clear spiritual or Etheric sight being available to those who seek it, especially nowadays as we’ve transitioned in the Aquarian Age from the Piscean Age, it appears we may be going through what has been prophesied for a long time, that is the Apocalypse (the great revealing). Honestly though I’m not sure. Here through the medium of written blog posts, I aim to share all that I know with those interested in learning about the hidden realms and it’s inhabitants. Seen or unseen these beings populate the spaces seen by our eyes as empty space and influence the daily affairs of all human beings both male and female with both good and evil influences depending upon the level of awareness, ignorance, frequency and vibrations of those they’re attracted to. I am convinced that if most people could peer into these realms that so closely border the physical plane that our eyes can see they would short circuit the historically long incubation time of enlightenment and would no longer live double lives as one speaks and acts at home in privacy compared to their outer mask worn in public around coworkers, friends and anyone on superficial strata in plain sight of anyone with eyes to see. No longer, for example will the wife beater get away with abuse and go out in public as some outstanding person, preacher or public servant. They will come to know they have no real privacy once their eye(s) are opened to what kinds of unseen lower and higher vibratory beings have access to their most personal moments. When a person can see the vast ocean of life just outside our our perception and know they always have an audience not only in public arena but in the sanctuary and privacy of their own homes they will began to change behavior patterns for the better.

Through the course of time as we all travel from generation to generation, ancestor now descendants, the ability of hiding one’s negative aspects, wearing a persona in public to disguise their negative aspects of who they really are or even lying will become obsolete for the most part of human negative behavioral patterns. It will be an era of “mask off” the fake persona and seeing each other as who we really are, which is a good fist step in the direction of collective healing that is so desperately needed with all people around the planet and the Natural world of the Mother of All, Earth, my Mama and Yours…Gaia herself.

Maybe one day, people will awaken to the programming that turns gold hearts to stone, you know that which tricks and robs men and women of their worth, health, happiness, potential and power. Devil State Mind Control weaponized psychology that targets everyone using those fake and useless titles, identities and associations that serve to divide our peoples will one day be replaced with the self evident truth that we are all brothers and sisters living on a living being a really big Mama, mine and yours, Our lovely Earth or Gaia as she’s known to Greece. Instead of thinking of oneself as I’m an American or I’m an Irishman, we’ll instead know intuitively and innately that we all are an interconnected race of Earthlings.

About this blog. Every post that I’m putting out into the public are honest and truthful accounts of actual encounters and experiences over the course of the past two going on three years… and counting up until the time of this writing. I decided after much internal turmoil of whether or not to share these personal accounts with the public. The reason for the indecision I’d experienced in revealing these or not was the highly sacred nature of such experiences between myself and these beings and spirits whom I’ve come to know and love as close friends, kin and even a sense of family. That said, they’re something else as they come with history of renown, of myth and legends which mirror with little difference from accounts recorded throughout the ages from many cultures around the world since the beginning of recorded history. The thought of coming across as an attention seeking PT Barnum type, egomaniac, or a neophiliac (someone chasing something new) has been one of the main forces holding me back from putting all of this down on paper, or on should I say…virtual cyber paper of computer word processors instantly shared with anyone in the World. Once it sunk in that all of this was real I began taking it very seriously and have since handled it responsibly the best I knew how not having any guidance from mentors, gurus, proctors or anyone else having experience of such matters. That said, I do still sometimes struggle with cognitive dissonance and for those reading this now think you know what this is, I’d say if you’ve never experienced it then you have no idea how powerful it is or how weak English is in conveying actual meaning.

In every case without exception, any research carried out on the internet, books or archives was done after these encounters in a fevered search for answers in search of others who’d had any similar situations and circumstances with beings such as I’d had to prove to myself that I wasn’t going crazy or hallucinating these unusual encounters. One by one I’d learn that the Little People weren’t Native American ghosts but were actually beings described by nearly every tribe in North America in their own languages as “people” “Oookaaay… I’m getting it now” ~ “It’s real, check that one off as ID’d as a positive identification, Yaay!” ~ quoting my thoughts, recall the exhilaration I felt each time that I was able to get a positve ID on these Beings…Sometimes one search would find what I was looking for, sometimes hundreds and days went into my work in identifying what I was experiencing as I kept a strict research and notes on each using the “scientific method”. In the case of the Forest Giants that had contacted me while sitting in the dark creek side in the early am hours, I discovered as like with the Little People, every tribe also had names in their tribal language for these giants of the forests in most cases as “people”, the other two-leggeds. Let me tell you, they are something else and equally intriguing in their own unique variety of otherworldly crazy goodness! It’s funny what letting go of fear does for one’s life! The Giants, the ones according to many tribes that were ruthlessly hunted down and raped by the “Star People” to produce the offspring we know as human beings who emerge without bodily hair, covering their nakedness in the skins of all the other animals. We are called their “Younger Brothers”. They are known as our Elder Brothers and have been described as everything from benevolent helpers of man to “cannibal giants” who kidnapped, raped and ate early human ancestors. These beings today largely known as Bigfoot and Sasquatch, are just but a few of a hundred something names for them by North American Tribes. What is known but oculted for mainstream minds is they’re known to have inter-dimensional capacities and other evolutionary derived abilities.

My first sighting of a phenomenon that could be traced back to Cherokee lore was something called the Atsiladiyega or the “Fire Carrier” a supposed evil spirit that was to be avoided, which like most everything uncovered out here in the middle of rural Blue Ridge Mountains, similar accounts were thankfully recorded by early missionaries, Catholic Priests, Anthropologists and other European newcomers into this mountain territory. Fortunately, some of these ancient original Americans culture wasn’t all lost yet represents less than small percentage of the total known information of these once great peaceful people. The bulk of their culture has been, regrettably lost forever, a jewel that will never be beheld and shine in the minds of modern people in America living on the land saturated in the blood and bones of the land’s previous residents. They were the symbiotic partners with the Natural World and the Earth, conscientious stewards and the rightfully appointed caretakers of this once pristine land with it’s crystal clear waters and virgin trees from coast to coast. The Jewel of Mother Earth, North and South America has been wholly desecrated by mostly early ignorant European hoards unleashed like a plague of hellish profanity upon the sacred oasis like Eden, long hidden from the general public of Europe except those in the ruling dynasties and kingdoms of the royal families and secret societies. The ruling elite kept their subjects in states of mind control and brainwashed darkness of ignorance reinforced generation to generation through the religion of the formally Roman Empire transformed into what we call today the Catholic Church and her early Christian denominations. What early European settlers did to the Native Americans and African peoples had been done to them over two thousand years earlier and had since mirrored and manifested the evil of those responsible for obliterating the collective ancestral memories of pre-“civilized” Europe, after stealing their lands, rape, and murder of so many “tribes” the descendants of those left standing were indoctrinated into mind controlling slave religions completely severed from ancestors. Oligarchs did this and is their “gift” to the world, for had they been any less evil it perhaps wouldn’t have been enough pressure to exert growth in collective awareness and maturity which has been a long time coming, and maybe I’m being too optimistic and it’s too little too late. The choice they give is grow or die. To grow is to use the intelligence that God (Source) gave us, it is the only defensive weapon we have to resist the constant eternal struggle, or more aptly war that has been ongoing ever since.

So I started this blog back in December 11, 2019, and it took me nearly eight months to hit the publish button. Found out today that it’s possible to go back and correct any writing errors after posting so decided to let it fly! Accepted the fact I’m just a regular guy typing this wacky stuff out from my head and if it resonates and helps facilitate some change in the world, then maybe I could think of myself as real writer. Until then I will keep on putting it on digital “paper”best I can so apologies in advance if I come across as an illiterate wannabe writer faking it till I make it. A transcriptionist or collaborator would have been a blessing but no partnership worked in this endeavor, I tried and have since cleared the idea out of my head and just began doing it all myself. It’s a tremendous amount of work so please feel sorry for me instead of contempt or hate because of disbelief or disagreement with what I do and how it’s communicated. Keep an open mind and you too may come closer to see exactly what is really happening here that this little blog is telling the world ~ Revelations! Apocalypse! But it’s not what you may think and certainly not the claim of a bible thumper, I’ll release a post on it later. Here is but one of many sources of some of the things that will be revealed in the times we’re in now.

Its funny because the material I’ll be posting is said to come forth during these times and that us humans will be met half way through the dimensions that intersect ours, our elder brothers and sisters, that ancient Ones or Shining Ones. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to meet a lot of the mythological beings personally and have gotten to know them well. After asking so many times what the point of this? There has to be some an exchange of objects of value, material or non material for me this was information as the request was done to justify the amount of time I was spending almost every night sometimes till day break communing with these incredible beings. I was receiving more knowledge than I could record and much more so, more than I could absorb. Since I started the blog the notion that all this wild and crazy stuff had bottle-necked and more experiences kept accumulating faster than I could get it out of my head and record to preserve the integrity of these happenings for sharing with the world. So I had to tell me hidden friends that I was going on a self imposed leave of absence to work on getting it out of my head before taking on more workings with them. I am still a ways from achieving this goal but close enough that after over a year and half I have been doing a little work here and there again with my Friends from the Other-side of the Veil.