How to See Big Foot and other Sasquatch Like Beings ~ But Be Forewarned You’d better be Free of Fear

…and Not Withholding Even the Last Atom of Your Body. When They Come It’s too late to Run, To Call for Help, You Must Offer Yourself as a Sacrifice Because there is nothing else you can do. Offer the most vulnerable part of yourself, your Neck as Your Head Tilts Back to Take In the Giant Face That has Suddenly Appeared Before you in Silence and In Darkness. Take Pride in exposing a vulnerable part of yourself while staring ahead and the pulse staying steady!

By Far, I’ll have to admit that having a face to face with one of these Mysterious Giants of the Forest has got to be hands down the most adrenaline producing encounters I’ve ever had and each time leaves me feeling almost like a “high”. Maybe the sort of buzz someone gets when actually doing the impossible or living through a death defying stunt of some kind or another. Over time however meeting these unimaginably intelligent beings the “Gatekeeper Game” diminishes and you’re met with, at least for me doing this in the same area and location, familiar faces. The funny thing is the females never confronted me with the baring of teeth, facial expressions of utter contempt or even hatred of human beings as the males did from the get go and continued on and on quite a bit into early conversations with these most amazing beings, the original Two Leggeds, our Big Elder Brothers are quite impressive to say the least. Not just in height and girth, but equally as such intellectually, witty, and extremely praeterhuman intelligence like you’ve never experienced before. And after the vicious displaying of their large mouths, teeth including two to four prominent canines what next? This savage display of jaw snapping and mouth movements inches from your face, at least every time for myself personally this would unfold like this, then would give way to a smile that seemed to convey, eeehh heeee, little chuckle as if they were just joking with me to see if they could scare me to death. This was always followed by what I can only describe as the warmest friendliest smile on planet earth. Unlike the smiles we get from our fellow man and woman, not sure if sincere or not… these smiles never left any doubt to me and I’d follow their lead slowly letting myself smile yet withholding the urge to just laugh in what amounted in higher levels of joy and bliss of living through that initial face to face followed by a “gotcha” chuckle-smile, that gave way to a compassionate smile of a dear friend or loving relative. It’s weird I know but quite enjoyable, yet very repeatable at least the last few times I had these encounters. By then it was familiar faces without the gate keeper type engagements with previously known males I’d encountered before immediately getting down to the business or medicine at hand; via Mind-speak. I learned a lot from them and forever grateful for these experiences they shared with their human counterpart, their “Younger Brother.”

According to them and from First Nations Tribal Peoples of North America, Star Beings or the Star People came down and hunted these Giants holding them in their Flying Shields, in breeding experiments against their will, basically raped them, producing the first Human Beings. In the Emergence out came the Two Leggeds, then in the time of the Emergence, came the Sons and Daughters of Man, small and without hair, dressed in skins of all the living creatures, dancing the dance of the heavens and stars, dancing the dance of the Mother and the Moon. Creatures of the Earth, Stay Strong, Our Younger Brother has to grow up and when this time comes your peace will emerge once again as you inherit a restored Mother Earth free of Younger Brother either through global wide death or in the maturity and growing up from the unwanted creations of demiurge design to something akin to our Big Elder Brothers, minus the “Big” of course to become “Elders” ourselves someday soon.

Well the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Are you ready to get to really know yourself? Are you the kind of person ready to embrace the Truth in all It’s appearances as the “Good the Bad and the Ugly”? Have you done any shadow work, that is self-retrospection at the seeds of your drives, motives and behaviors? Can you tell the difference from your waking consciousness (Sun) from your sub conscious (Moon)? How does these sort of questions have anything to do with seeing the Forest Giants, Sasquatch? They have everything to do with having an encounter. First off like any Beings of the Fae folds, they don’t even fool with most humans, especially ones who venture into their territories who’ve lived without any self introspection, the narcissist, the bully, the know-it-all, the too serious, the too tense, the doubting “unbeliever”, the overly enthusiastic “believer”, the armchair _anything _, the outer brave and inner coward, those who cling to their worldly lives, those who take and take, never giving as much as they take, the one-upppers, those whose hearts are hard and cold and those who speak of Love yet have little to nothing in their hearts. If anyone interested in contacting these Beings feel they have any of the shortcomings listed above, personally I’d rethink trying to contact them or any of the Fae Beings until deep healing inner workings are done. Doing so is proceeding at your own risk and the author is hereby free of legal and karmic liability. For the record, I’m no angel, maybe a little crazy, but certainly not a devil nor is my body a vehicle for their use during periods of mindlessness.

I offer the following tips in the Light to which they given when I received them. If you’re a doubter or a disbeliever most likely, the worst case scenario would be simply nothing will appear and you’ll realize that you’re alone in the woods. Then if that reality sends electric pangs of panic throughout your body with no way to control it until you finally find the flashlight in your jacket then know you haven’t been honest with yourself. Perhaps reread the previous paragraph, print it out and take it to some teacher or guru you feel comfortable with and get to work knowing thyself first!

This is not an out or an excuse by the author to explain why if you perform the following steps with no results or why nothing is happening. Honestly if you’re heart isn’t in the right place and should one appear and fear should overcome you, I think they could kill or render the mind insane for life. They scan every human who ventures unwittingly into their realms, who unknowingly crosses paths or who blindly brushes by a hairs width from contact never knowing how close they were to one of these “invisible” Giants. These steps will in fact bring you face to face with an encounter or experience within the thin line between our Human world, the here and now, and the inter-dimensional realms teaming with life that dwarfs the lifeforms we’re all familiar with here in the human – animal Middle World. As per the request of the “Fae of the Appalachian Mountains” I am sharing everything and not withholding nothing so please read on if you the reader feels like they’re ready to start down the road that once ventured down a stretch one finds there is no return. But sometimes no return to a mundane life is just in fact what flips the switch on in life to overdrive into living an enchanted and magical life beyond your wildest dreams.

With no further ado, here are some basic steps with tips and foot notes from my journals working with them.

A night photo taken of some etheric being. I used this to convey in a small yet useful way how their faces give off this bio-luminescence glow. Not sure what my camera caught in this photo while it resembles the forest giants in size and some facial features, the teeth on the ones I’d got used to were all there and very strong looking, also their check bones, brows and facial outlines were highlighted in a more brighter light, almost very similar to the stylized masks and images used by the West Coast Tribes. Maybe the being shown in this photo was an older one or a Grandfather Forest Giant. I seldom could remember to ask them could I take a photo, if I even had my cell phone on me at the time. The real time experience dwarfed what a photo could ever bring in terms of wow, so never tried photographing them. Actually it was before I began photographing the Fae to such a large extent in later years. This image came after I could see Ether Clouds forming around my body and asked to take a photo. What you’re seeing is the result.

Firstly you must put yourself into their territories or in a thoroughfare, entrance way into or out of some places the frequent. So how do you find the ultimate Big Foot, Sasquatch romping grounds? Check out some of the names of creeks, ridges, caves, hills, mountains, knobs, unusual rock formations that have the name “Devil’s” _____ recorded on maps, or handed down word of mouth. For example; Devil’s Creek, Devil’s Cave, Devil’s Courthouse, etc. For some reason, as the saying goes; “where there’s smoke there’s usually a fire!” Early Missionaries and the flood of white Christian settlers inherited the names and or from experiencing frequent encounters with these hairy devils. Yes, they were called hairy devils or devils by the whites who from their captivity in European Oligarch-Church villages sharecropping on borrowed land and having themselves been wrangled from their own Animistic-Shamanic Tribes a thousand years earlier had lost the tender embrace of Mother Nature that had been replaced by indoctrination, brutal rape, torture and murder of their ancestors and now found themselves landless peasants, rudderless in a sea of ignorance engineered by the very forces that put them in such helpless positions in life and that currently ruled nearly every aspect of their lives, their minds, bodies, spirit and soul. The American Indian and the Black races of Africa would soon endure the same sort of systematic break down of their cultures, the severing of ancestral memories and the brutality that comes at the hands of Europe’s indoctrinated children upon the face of the Earth to all races, plant and animal life that leads right up to the now, the poor state of the world that we, all the colors and races of the children of man find ourselves in. So don’t let the “Devil” scare you from venturing out into these places of known weirdness, of high strangness with history of frequent “Devils” in the vicinity. If by chance you live in a city, state or country that doesn’t have any nomenclature of this sort (then you’re definitely not in the USA). In this case here is how you would go about locating and finding a suitable spot to setup and spend time trying contact. As with most any Fae Beings, Nature Spirits, or Elementals their habitats are a dead give away.

An example, I found a boulder half in the creek and there was a rainbow like prism that beckoned me to realize it was a sacred space.

Find running water like a large stream that has been around a few then thousands of years, a creek, a little river or a river. You can tell or approximate age based on the weathering on the stones in and around the banks. If possible spend time in nature, state parks, national parks and lands unless you have access to these type of settings on private land the better. Feel using your heart and not your mind a sacred spot usually it will be I’ve found in my own workings some unusual outcropping of hard granite type of bedrock cut and ground by the water well away from human habitation. The most inhospitable spots for human habitation the better. There seems to be a connection between granite or other hard stones and boulders in or around creek/river banks and the inter-dimensional travel to and from their regularly frequented Middle World terrains or landscapes they prefer. When the heart leaps out at the place that calls it then take a moment, clear the mind of thought and ask with respect and humility may I have a seat nearby and connect with your form, beauty, uniqueness and power. If you feel uneasy or get some vibe other than sure please have a seat, then move on to another spot. Maybe try again later on another day until you receive permission to do so. Don’t worry, as you’ll find Nature is alive and throbbing with vibrant intelligent conscious energy just like you and me. They’ll virtually come out of the wood works, stones, trees and waters one they become aware of your purest intentions and good will to acknowledge them and to get to know them. Like most anyone we know including ourselves, we love it when we’re acknowledges and given the invitation to tell a little bit about ourselves. To me, there’s little difference between a human shining than a stone or tree shining when asked how are you, tell me about yourself, and told how beautiful you or they are by someone who genuinely cares. *Keyword – here is genuine. Once this sort of connection is made with the Nature of the area and a sacred place has called out to your heart, have a seat and congratulations, you’re half way there. Begin by getting comfortable, lean up against a tree to loosen your muscles especially the neck upper and lower as well as upper and lower back as you slow your breath ever so slower and slower without gasping for an inhalation or after an exhalation. It should be so slow and imperceptible that should an onlooker be watching you they’d think you quit breathing. But not to fear after five to ten minutes you’ll be highly aware of yourself and your surroundings. Keep this up until it feels natural and comfortable but resist the urge to fall asleep. After about ten to fifteen minutes of calming the mind and reducing the thinking mind, open your eyes if they were closed and look in the direction of the special place you’ve found, a rock outcropping, boulder in the water, some unique land formation that called you to the place. Ever so gently let your gaze “soften” and relax until it begins to feel your eyes are going slightly cross-eyed. Remember, soft and easy, no strains on the eyes. Don’t try to force it, the eyes will find this sweet spot on their own. Now continue the breath exercises with this sort of gaze, what I call a trance inducing gaze. This should go down in the dark at the earliest twilight, as most inter-dimensional beings for some reason are always found betwixt or in between things such as light and darkness of twilight or that of dawn at day break. Especially for the Forest Giants I’ve found after twilight through midnight to around 3:30 am to right before sunrise before dawn is best times. Feel free to practice during the afternoon until twilight to get a feel of the area and what you’re about to get into. Usually even in the daylight you may receive signs that you’re on track in a myriad of ways that will leave no doubt that you’ve attracted the attention to some intelligence in the wilds of Nature. In my own case, I stumbled upon them by accident waiting for the Little People to come out and play music and dance something that I was doing regularly most nights when it was clear and warm, ie., nights free of rain and heavy moisture.

Second step is to raise your vibration, that is to increase your body’s vibrational frequency. There are a number of ways of accomplishing this such as for example playing some music that makes you want to move or dance to. Take a Bluetooth wireless speaker with you and some downloaded favorite tunes no matter what they are if they bring you up, bring them out when you try this. If seated by a running stream or any body of water of stream size to a river, just let the sound of the water take any negative, fearful, doubting, worry or stress related thoughts and wash them out. This is what water is known for traditionally in all cultures around the world, it has a known refreshing, replenishing, rejuvenating affect on our minds. Once this mental cleansing has taken place if not already before entering the forest, begin cultivating love, yes, the purest intent, and purest love you can possibly muster up for everything in your new forest environment, the sandy bank, let it know how beautiful and comfortable it is, let the trees, the stones, the water, everything know how grateful you are to be in their presence and thank them from the heart for letting you sit a spell and admire their beauty. You can’t hide ulterior motives or intention from Nature and her kind, so it’s usually a good idea to state your intentions for coming and why. Again key point is honesty with purest intention. You can say something of the sort, I come here to meet (if it’s your first time doing this) the vast intelligence and delicate beauty of Nature in all that surrounds me. To partake in your divine beauty and get to know each and every one of you as you feel comfortable revealing. I also seek the beings of the interdimensional realms such as any beings of the Fae Realms, especially those known as the Forest Giants. This followed by a brief explainantion why, I usually say something like this but use your own wording with what feels aligned to your reasons; I seek their medicine, I seek to learn as much as they’re willing to share. So that I may begin the Great Work of knowing myself which is the first step of my own evolution, so that I may become a being fit to coexist in harmony and peace to precious Mother Earth, harming none, loving all without exceptions. This may sound overboard or hoke to some but anything less than your utmost adoration will produce no “fruit” . Sometimes you may not feel up to par, or not finding yourself exuding with gratitude and having little love for sticks and stones. This is where you must learn how to “hack” your mind. It is hack-able and will produce the results you’re seeking times a thousand if you’ll just give it a serious try. Here are a few pointers on “hacking” the mind to get the results you seek.

One of the ways of Hacking the mind is to know and hold firmly that if you can trick it into believing or thinking that you’re seeing some supernatural phenomenon then it will like say, “Okay, hell you got me, here enjoy your new reality” otherwise the mind acts something like a filter of the brain to sort out anything between the colors red and violet and anything withing the range of human audible sound spectrum of 20-20,000 Hz. Just know that we are bombarded by light waves and sound frequencies far outside the lower and upper limits imposed upon our limited perceptions. So knowing a little about our Pineal Glands is paramount in that we eat natural organic foods, especially fruits and vegetables that look like brains or pine cones such as pineapple, avocados, or have colors of the Pineal glands chakra light waves of indigo, purple or violet colored fruits vegetables. Learning to chant or throat sing will usually make this gland vibrate, get to know your Pineal Gland, it’s your friend and the Gateway Portal to Heaven from entombment in the flesh. It is enemy number one for thousands of years by the ruling elite who have employed silent weapons for quite wars on the human being’s Pineal Gland. This tiny little birch tree like katkin wouldn’t harm a fly… and that’s part of the problem. As a gateway to the spiritual worlds, a passage into realms inhabited by light beings (angels and benevolent beings) it is a powerhouse of human potential and accessing higher realms there is great compassion for all living things. While self empowerment and compassion is counter to the will of these 1% it is an obstacle to these ruling elite who run things down here in the middle world, and to whom think the spiritual realms and the gifts that come with experience are reserved for the rulers of this world only and definitely not the business of their subjects. Remember how they’ve taken us from our Tribes by force and cut our ancestral memories forever? These were once our birth rights, from Animistic Shamanic Tribes of our distant past and severed ancestral lines. For our lot can’t be wasting time in these realms in any numbers as their bottom line begins to weaken and loose it’s profit and kingdom building potential. If left unfettered, the human populations would have dwindled down to dangerously low proportions in their onward upward ascension that natural process all life goes through as it evolves into ever higher being, that which would seriously put a dent in the lifestyles of demigods who float around in their heavenly breakaway civilizations built on the blood, sweat and tears of the hundreds of millions kingdom builders, that is you and me, “us” the other 99%ers who have unknowingly served in their scheme of things in our “normal” realities we’re born into and die out of. I include this sort of information in this post and in an effort to keep it on topic and this sort of divergence brief yet essential to understanding the mystery between your eyes as you read this. Most folks have this gland but due to these efforts to rid the gland in our heads, most pineal glands in the modern world have calcified or turned to stone through the introduction of fluoride, glyphosphate, heavy metals and WiFi frequencies in the 2.4 gigahertz range. Four things found heavily saturated in today’s environments of the Americas, especially the USA. Rudolf Steiner predicted over a hundred years ago that large corporations would seek to remove the souls of human beings* see footnote cited source. That time is now. Use it or loose it for very soon we all may never have the faculty of sensing these realms. And it is emphasized here most importantly to remind the reader that without this gland none of this works. Without it forever we will be cut off from inter-dimensional awareness and true knowledge of ourselves. Forever wandering the material realms of the Middle World with no hope of ascension or evolving into higher spiritual beings. For this reason, the Fae reached out to me in almost what I’d describe as a desperate plea to wake up to what’s going on and enlighten as many people as possible with their message. For the end is near for human populations. Even though we’re not too well thought of in the realms of these Fae beings for the harm we’ve caused over the past few thousand years they know we’ve been deceived and indoctrinated from birth by these ruling classes. And as our bodies share the same flesh, blood and bones as most of Earth’s children we’re still a part of the family no matter of how our origins began with stories of genetic modifications, hybridization and breeding programs of a cold calculating race of creator “gods”. While we’ve brought Earth to her knees, make no mistake, human beings will be removed like over night in cosmic time while the Earth has Billions of years to recover to our individual lifespans of 80 years or so. To delve further in ways to decalsify the pineal gland and get it functioning to it’s highest potential I’d suggest to the reader to do their own research and draw their own conclusions on the matter and hopefully find a efficient technique that produces measurable results. Some suggestions from the author of this post before moving on, would be to buy and consume Shilajet capsules, organic diet of juicing detoxes, fasting, sun gazing and daily meditation focusing on the middle eye and or a single candle light to awaken it from it’s tomb of stone.

* “In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine.Under the pretext of a ‘healthy point of view’, there will be a vaccine by which the human body will be treated as soon as possible directly at birth, (1) so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and Spirit.. To materialistic doctors, will be entrusted with the task of removing the soul of humanity. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).

Now I will share with the reader one of the secrets to seeing any inter-dimensional being or spirits and that is what I call “White Smoke” or officially known as “Ether” or the “Etheric Body” Just this simple word Ether alone screams a post dedicated to what it is, why it’s mostly hidden and kept out of academia, and what plans are for it’s existence in the future of humanity. If you will practice the art of seeing your body’s etheric double or that of someone else you’ll go far in seeing any spirit, Big Foot, Fae, Little People, etc. I will hold dedicated space below on how to learn to see yours and that of anything or anyone. But it’s best and most exciting to see your own first and take this into the forest with you and as the breath and relaxing the eyes gaze techniques are used outlined earlier, to watch for the wafting of these gentle vapors that rise or emanate from the human body begin to come into clear view, know my dear friends you have or on the threshold of the their worlds! I’ll go into greater details on the Ether and how to see it. But before closing this post will leave a parting shot, a helpful tip. When performing some of the suggested techniques covered in this post, keep an eye out for faint vapors rising, wafting up into your field of view. Be patient and aware of their existence and natural part of your bodies energetic makeup and layers. One more final, final tip is to covet and nurture apophenia and pareidolia two words derived from ancient Greece for the minds eye’s ability to perceive a face in the clouds or in the trees, never discount these but incorporate into your methods of inducing trances. By suspending the minds belief of something as not real, or doubts and just go with it like pretending it is real and suppressing the doubting functions of our minds filtering mechanisms you’d be surprised how many times through suspension of doubt, knowing that what I was seeing was just an interplay of shadow, light, foliage and a breeze soon became a procession of Little People. Was it then I was witnessing an illusion? No, the suspension of normally held beliefs of doubt and rational left brained mind kept at bay long enough to trick the mind into releasing the filter grip it has on our input ports this in turn caused a sharp increase in adrenaline which raised the vibration, slip-shot my mind into the space known as the Veil, or Rending the Veil, Parting the Veil. Once this happens and you witness what lies just the other-side, then like an avalanche of truth too massive for the mind to stave off you’ll find yourself plunged into another world with beings that with repeated ventures into this realm, that you’ll come to know as familiar and dare I say dear Friends!

Equinox of the gods 09/23/2019

The Genius Loci

Equinox of the gods 09/23/2019

An account of being accosted by familiar and known interdimensional beings that reside on one of many of the magical hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in Western North Carolina.  An unexpected visit by Nature Spirits, Hidden Folk, The Fae and instantly upon request The Genius Loci of this Place flanked by two Nunnehei as tall as the trees. 

Without warning, or my intention, no conjure, nor summoning them, they came.  A sudden appearance of the various races of Hidden Folk of this Place…  One of the many Sacred Grounds known to the Ancient Native American Tribe, the Cherokee.  

I braced for it, the impact of vapor-like seemingly self-luminous beings or spirits that I’m too familiar with here.  It’s not daily but weekly occurrence and frankly I’ve got used to it, and maybe I should be a bit more concerned.  Still not sure what these phantom like vapor clouds are, but the interdimensional beings that come out of them seem alright.  Heck ice notice the white smoke rolling off my body so much thought I was about to spontaneously human combust!  I’m not too sure but think the land may have something to do with this but to what extent, not there yet however I’ve came a long way about ley lines spirit lines, Fairy lines, geopathic stress and and basically Earth geomagnetic field lines that have been known historically as places of high strangeness.  Where I live between two large creek beds, belonging to the same body of water as it approaches and passes parallel to my east facing property line.  Then the creek takes a sharp left bend as it continues it’s flow away from my property parallel to the flow downstream.  I live on top of steep ridge at the tip of the bend where below the creek appears to perform a moat-like function as it wraps around the land on three sides.  There’s steep cliffs on sides or gorges where the water has ground its way through solid granite bedrock rich with a matrix of Crystal Quartz veins and likely solid Quartz at the core.

It’s hard to describe it’s a dangerous landscape for small children as well as adults who get lost at night misled by the Will’OWisps light or fright.  Some follow it others run, either way leads a downfall, maybe you could say I live on a mountain pan handle or sort of like a peninsula situated a few hundred feet above the banks of a big creek  located in the mountains of rural Boondocks County, North Carolina.  Basically it’s not ideal human habitat, but absolutely best habitat for the Fae with the running waters, hard granite, caves, cliffs, and rocky outcroppings.  It appeared to be vacant pristine mountain property when I purchased it.  I had no idea how popular it was for interdimensional people. And how many of these different sorts actually live in and around here in and out of our dimensions, and unknown to most human kind.

Here we go again I thought, as my body involuntarily began tucking elbows, head and chin inwards, like a standing fetal position it tensed itself for the impending collision of Spirit and three-dimensional Matter.  With thousandths of a second remaining before impact, in the timelessness of my mind’s sacred space of pure consciousness, thoughts of what is about to happen, what’s this all about, why now at this time, what have I done this time race through the mind.  The split-second reflection one gets right before something unexpected happens that will end or change a life forever.  Like the fleeting seconds leading up to an unavoidable head-on collision between two vehicles driving on a highway.  Those life-threatening experiences where time seems to slow down in what seems like slow motion, the last remaining few microseconds left in the unfolding of catastrophic events and even death.

As usual, the blow is subtle yet sends the cold chill from the bottom of my feet up through my spine and out the top of my head.  As the etheric dust began to clear from the merging two states of nature; the physical and non—physical I immediately became aware of the Cherokee Little People known as the Yunwi Tsundi in native tongue were appearing before my eyes materializing in full color and detailed translucent almost holographic form.  A strikingly attractive Native American woman wearing a beaded buckskin dress seemingly taller than the others appearing on the scene caught my eye as she stood on a slope above leading down to the flat grade where I stood.  I asked her did I do something that upset your people and apologized in advance if I’d done something wrong to offend or broken any of their Laws.  She whispered softly to my mind don’t worry everything is okay as I could make out her arm raising with her index finger pointing me to look towards the creek behind me. 

Turning around to look in the direction she was pointing I was taken back a bit at the numbers of beings that had amassed between me and the creek in the blink of an eye as a thick curtain of ether vapor they rode in on dissipated leaving, a three foot tall Little Indian dressed as a hunter or warrior wearing nothing but a feather and a light-colored buckskin loincloth that contrasted against his Earth toned deep brown skin approached me in a single smooth motion almost kneeling, his head bowed facing the ground as he reached his hand up outstretch for mine.  He spoke to my mind, “please take my hand”.  Without thinking I reached out and touched his outstretched hand and could feel some subtle tug which I found myself resisting because of the direction he was headed.  By this time others would make some gesture that I felt were like an usher seating me in a pew at church.  I could make out smiling facial expressions of some the gathered which relieved me but still paused, it dawned on me where this might be going.  He moved ahead towards the direction of the creek without me as I stood there and seemed to vanish into a wafting cloud of foggy vapor.  As I lowered my hand I noticed too that my own hand, arm, and body was smoking too, a phenomenon that I’ve been able to perceive in vision with my eyes that I dubbed “white smoke” after not finding any information on what it is exactly.  Search engines today are pretty efficient for accessing knowledge, but for the past year and a half, I’d been seeing it wafting off of my own body mostly late at night.  However, almost always I have to induce a trance to see these gentle winds, known as the Etheric Body.  While growing up as a child I’d always seen fuzzy energy particle blobs floating, faces and forms of animals, people and monsters.  However, up until this time, I didn’t know where the ability to “see” the “white smoke” had come from or what could have caused me to start seeing it.  In the weeks following this experience, it suddenly dawned on me.  It was the Cherokee Little People!  As now I refer to this ability as “The Gift from the Cherokee Little People”.  In my first encounter with them about two years earlier in a small cave entrance behind my home had left me no choice but to believe or to think there’s a good percentage this is happening and this is all real.  The experience I’d had on that day will forever go down as one of the most profound experiences in my life.  Meeting the Cherokee Little People (CLP) became one of those pivotal moments in life where one is touched by real magic rendering me in perpetual awe and curiosity ever since.  It’s the sort of alchemically that transforms the mundane reality of ordinary life into something unbelievably extraordinary and sacred.  Since that fateful day, the experiences that come from having the gift of second sight keep coming and seem to try and outdo the ones that proceeded it, each leaving me in a state of stunned disbelief giving way to the exhilaration and grateful joyous celebratory mood that comes when meeting new and exciting people.  It has given and continues to give my life a unique refreshing quality of joyful wonder a deeper sense of gratitude.  A gift without form, weight, monetary value or of no real use in the world.  Even though it took me a long time to realize I’d received something anything other than a prank from some trickster spirits, I knew it was an ability that I’d had growing up although in lesser strength and fewer occurrences.  Ecstatic rapture comes to mind as the way I feel when the some of the mysteries of Nature are revealed giving a peek behind her veil where even deeper mysteries welcome and await the initiate, the seeker, like the Fool and the Magician of the Tarot began the new journey through the twenty-two Major Arcana.

I still chuckle to myself as I recall some of the facial expressions and physical motions they were making as they urged me to go along.  More than likely had the offer presented itself last year to enter into the large portal, in a rock cliff in a bend of the creek pretty sure I’d tried without missing a beat but because I wasn’t in the headspace and not too receptive to communing with them lately.  I’d began having doubts about their real intentions and felt a bit betrayed about a week leading up to tonight’s powwow.    

Unassuming and hidden Portal behind the wall of green vegetation.  The large boulder in center of photo marks the threshold or stepping stone for coming out of or into the doorway.  I’ve seen some of the inhabitants emerge from the door, walk about and even witnessed some crawl under and into the crevices in a crablike motion.

Felt I’d put everything on the line for them since having many Q&A sessions where I’d channeled their wants, needs, and reasons behind them and they requested mine in order to accomplish this great work.  One of mine was to offer protection where needed at least long enough for me to provide and share what they’d taught me over the past two years.  At the very least they could have stopped or prevented some of these events in my life I felt even if they didn’t have a hand in it.  I’d asked them many times did they do this or that and always denied doing any harm.  Looking back I now see how some of these seemingly bad times had to happen in order to lead me to the point in my life where from the ashes of the reality that had been forever jettisoned into the abyss of time making way for a new chapter in the book of my life, a better version of myself now walking the path that leads to the soul’s highest purpose for being here.  I found more time and enthusiasm now that I’m doing the kind of work that I love doing. 

Another fact that likely put the brakes on going where they were urging me to go was that I knew where they were wanting me to go.  They were taking me to a portal that had been shown to me by the CLP last Summer.  Due to recent hardships I’d endured since stepping into my new role as a modern working for ancient employers, often I’d daydream about trying to enter it to escape the world that mine had turned into.  Ever since childhood felt as if I was a visitor and not a resident of Earth, but lately I’ve felt I didn’t belong here any longer.  Most everyone I met were still wearing blinders or asleep.  Even though I consider this human life a precious experience interlaced with both good and bad times, and the bad all too often serves to make one a better person.  I still wanted out of this system of human life but not by death necessarily, but by entering into one of the many portals around here revealed to me by the CLP.  They were inviting me to come with them through a portal in the outside bend of the creek in a wall of rock-cut away by millions of years of water flowing patiently grinding its way through this little gorge the creek flanked on both sides by steep rocky outcroppings and cliffs that I call my back yard.    The portal revealed to me over a year ago, was the opposite side of the creek located at a spot where the path of a powerful ley line runs underfoot that I was standing during tonight’s encounter.  Different points along this line have been places where I’d experienced some of the most vivid and powerful encounters including the one this night that was unfolding before my eyes in the dim darkness of late twilight and star light, I was shown the rock portal Creek side while scrying the water sitting in river sand.

Not knowing what to do or say since deciding not to try going with them it dawned on me ask them to speak to the Master Spirit of this place.  Something I’d ready recently and thought I’d try it one of these nights, that’s it I thought!  Ask them can I meet or speak with the Master Spirit of the Land, I’d learn in the days and weeks following that this magnificent being is well known and called the Guardian Spirit of Place, the Genius Loci.  It seemed more logical to hear it directly from the most powerful spirit of the land around here, if in fact I had their approval to build a small cabin by the creek on which are their sacred grounds.  Having asked them many tmes in the past over and over are you sure and getting same answers of “Yes” some doubts remained.  I’d thought of doing this, contacting the master of the land before to get supreme approval and eliminate doubts,  but couldn’t muster the will to push myself to do much due to stress and what seemed a lower vibration resulting from a recent series of mishaps that were tapering off a bit but still ongoing.  My thinking was that I’d been misled, wasn’t communicating as clearly as I’d thought so felt I needed some reassurance from the Genius Loci if I wasn’t on track, was I hated or being tricked, did they want me out of there.  If not then I really needed permission and some reassurance my plans to build an Earth Lodge ceremonial center, bathroom with shower stall and a small cabin to live in while I finished getting the place ready to welcome like-minded folks over to share methods and techniques I’d learned during the times of my initial workings.  No sooner as I’d finished my request to meet the Genius Loci a large mass of thick fog rapidly rolled in within seconds turning the dark forested landscape around the creek bank into a dimly luminescent wall of white vapors that ebbed and flowed sort of pulsating and while connecting with my own vapors wafting off my body and combining with theirs, radically changing shapes as it reached the height of the treetops and hoovered there to my left in front of where I’d stood.  I looked up watching the misty fog reach its destination where from the formless changing clouds began to form large very unique looking face of what appeared to be an elderly woman of ancient age and wisdom.  She began to make an appearance from the curtain of mist, very clearly and stayed during my introduction and reason for asking to meet.  This face was a large as the tops of the trees and had the countenance of power and majesty, an ancient force from long ago that still inhabits these lands.  Seems like it could have the power of life and death over man, yet seemed benevolent. 

Another photo of the “Portal” showing a Rainbow or rainbow colored prisms, an anomaly that happens on these energy lines down here. Even I use different camera or smart phone camera, same rainbow like prisms will be present in photo taken on or near these lines.

The wall of fog was now beginning to dissipate leaving only the face near the treetops remaining and what seemed to be two tall beings on either side of the face formed from the mist.  When it completely cleared out I could see what over the past year I’d come to call the Nunnehei, two of them flanking both sides of this majestic being looking down at me.  They were neatly dressed in what appeared to be traditional Cherokee styled native American buckskin pants with beaded designs of flowering vines that went up along the sides.  And as always, their looks the dead giveaway to what I was looking at, they’re exceptionally beautifully handsome Native Americans seemed to be male yet with faces only a beautiful female could have.  They answered my questions in unison with the Genius Loci by motions with their heads nodding up and down or side to side sometimes using their arms to emphasize or make sure I understood their body language.  At this point it was beginning to be overwhelming as the reality of what was unfolding was creeping into my psyche. 

At some point between here and the termination of my time with the Genius Loci, a large figured thick muscular looking body of a darker material approached us.  As it neared me it like the CLP warrior who’d offered me his hand, in one sweeping motion the hulking figure knelt on one knee before me very close to where I was sitting and reached his hand out at which time I don’t recall because the mere sight of this caused a cold chill like a lightening bolt, struck rising up from the ground up through my spine to top of my skull that seemed to cause me to momentarily blackout or lose my place.  It wasn’t out of fear I always get this sensation when spirits impact me or get too close but never with this much power.  I knew instantly what I was looking at and smiled in the dark, regained myself and induced mild trance so as to meet this eight-foot tall something giant that was uncloaking before my eyes.  When my eyes became adjusted to second sight his face which by now like old times was inches from mine except this time our initial meeting was with a smile and not the usual gatekeeper grimace used to frighten away those who may try entering their realms that may not be quite ready.  I could make out his huge head where the eyebrows, cheeks, chin area and lower jaw were outlined in this dimly lit whitish colored etheric substance.  A face to face with Tsukaloo / Kukuclede known to Cherokee.  Hairy Forest Giants, Big Elder Brothers, a race of people, not spirits.  Until tonight I’d only seen only their faces, except for a female that would come to my house.  Typically I’d only see their faces staring downstream creek bank or edge of the forest in complete darkness.  They’d approach me in the scrying chair in the wee hours in trance but more like dozing off in a quasi sleep- hypnagogic state.   Usually, I’d be startled awakened by my foot jerking, footrest pushing down, and even shocked, zapped by a sudden electrical shocking like sensation.  Happened like this so many times that I looked forward to this kind of unusual but consistent meeting near creek between around 12:00 midnight and daybreak, usually more towards the end of the night right before daybreak.  I think these are actual Yeti Beings and exist in both states of the solid and etheric body.  people we pretty much call Bigfoot, or the Sasquatch. 

It was a relief to see those titans again especially with an upfront smile.  The most beautiful heartfelt smile one can experience.  Taking my attention away for just a few moments I looked back up to the face of the Master of the Land and it had disappeared now no longer visible but the two Nunnehei were still there motioning me to go towards the portal, I felt like an ant as the beautiful giants kindly gestured me to walk towards the Creek-side rock cliff that is the doorway into their world.  Okay, everything seems to be cool and relieved to know things were on track and that I was more than welcomed there, actually wanted me to join them as we inhabit place intersected between two-dimensional realms. 

While watching the visit unfold before me as my eyes begin the focusing motions to bring on quick trance, eyes wide open, unusual decent night vision.  As they adjust and focus for vision using second sight everything turns dark in my field of vision then I can see them and landscape again.  The friendly Giant was already up inches in front of my face as my vision returned in second sight mode.  I was so overwhelmed at seeing its body so close in detail, the ground chills came on I think for just being in Awe.  I had never seen their entire body like that, they were eight foot massive beings that took my breath away seeing one of them walk up from the creek bank towards me and drop to one knee in what appeared to be some prostration like the the CLP earlier had done.  What’s up with that, maybe I’ll never know but feel it’s the upmost honor to be shown respect and kindness from beings that have no reason or need to do so.  As a human being I’m part of the problem that they (Nature) suffer from.

I walked with them to the top of the sloping creek bank and stopped in front of where my tent had been and sat in a chair facing the portal.  I wasn’t in my usual night spirits ecstatically induced high, the sky-high vibe that comes as a result of such experience. 

Another photo of the portal rock taken on a different day. Again same digital camera artifacts occur with the rainbow prisms. Hidden behind a green wall of vegetation. the large boulder to left side overhanging over the water is the threshold for the portal described in this post

I bid them farewell and sent them my appreciation and gratitude for their concern, care and kindness they’d shown me that night as it seemed a low point in my life.  Instead I received a pat on the back and a shot in the arm to keep going and not give up.  They definitely have my back and clearly shown there are alternatives to living here if one truly desires liberation from human life cycles and death.  I may take them up on it one day who knows, and would the portal (the stone rock face) open up again if I came to it and rapped on it’s hidden door, honestly I think it would for the right reasons.