In the race to midnight, we’re well into the final hour!

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication


”This is the last opportunity your people can grasp to end the slavery and reestablish the Cosmic Order, before the lower lords apply the next phase of their control agenda, which they are already mirroring to you, and modify once more your genetics by turning your species into biosynthetic cyborgs and artificial entities controlled by their technology.”

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 1, Chapter 4, written in 2015

So far on SCENIC, we have avoided addressing topics not directly related to Sasquatch, such as politics and actualities. But in these dire times of global emergency, guidance inspires me to use this platform as well to express our deepest concerns regarding the current world events and human evolution, while it is still possible. Nothing should be taken for granted, even less so in uncertain times.

This could be…

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20 honest ‘Questions and Answers’ about Reptilians

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

20 honest ‘Questions and Answers’ about Reptilians, starting with ‘What if?’.

By SunBôw

1- ‘What if?’…
Q: Ancestral stories of old about reptilian shape-shifting humanoids are real?…
A: The ancient Hopi, Maya, Peru, Egypt, Africa, Mesopotamia, India, China, Japan, Australian Aboriginals, all knew about this.

Photo: Petroglyph in Peru depicting a man (center) shape-shifting (left) into a lizard (right). The Lizard-Man is also a common theme in Ancestral Puebloan petroglyphs.

lizard men peru

2- ‘What if?’…
Q: Humans are not the first intelligent civilization to exist on Earth?…
A: There are reports of discoveries from around the world of underground tunnels, gigantic constructions, giant rock face and traces of advanced technology, predating Human history and existence.

Photo: The Bucegi Plateau in Romania is famous for its sphinx, but it also holds many large rock ‘formations’ with strange features. Recent reports talk about the discovery of an underground city of giant proportions with advanced…

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Magical veils of mist and smoke in folklore

Signe Maene

As long as you’re not driving your car on a zigzag road on a misty morning, mist can be beautiful, mysterious and sometimes even magical.

There’s always this sense that something otherworldly might be hidden behind that cloudy veil. The idea that mist is something more than just tiny droplets of water that are suspended into the air is something that can be found in folklore and mythology too. So, here’s a brief list of some mythological worlds and folkloric creatures who are associated with mist or smoke.

Féth fíada

The Tuatha Dé Danann are an elvish supernatural race from Irish mythology. They play a prominent role in many fascinating tales and I would like to explore these in a later blog post, but for now I would like to focus on something called the féth fíada. This word is used to describe a kind of mist that ensures that…

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Reptile Pow Wows, Nightly Meetings at My House

Fire Sign an Elemental Known as a Salamander sure can’t be this dangerous! Paracelsus descriptions from an article that resonated describe them as being dragon like, or resembling small bipedal lizards. I’ve never shared this publicly however I’ve got journal notes and sketches for a blog post on the matter, that I never seem to have time for… until now. Hope it sheds some light on the questions of “Reptilians”. At least the type of Reptilians I will cover have a warmer heart towards humanity, at least that is to their Fire Sign kin among the children of men, those born as an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.

Kanji Character “Hi” for Fire

Shortly, within a month of the Cherokee Little People bestowing a weird ability to see my etheric body, something that took over a year and a half to realize it was actually a gift, what it really was, who gave it, and why. Being a member of the slow-learner club has its downsides as I’ll elaborate on regarding our “friends” the Reptillians.

Up until 2018, I was “normal” until I gifted some offerings outside a cave behind my home at the suggestion of a friend of mine who channels the Kotomble (Little People), thinking what could it hurt and maybe they’d give me some buried treasure or something, I left the sarcasm and doubting left-brain logic behind and went out and gave offerings and a brief informal introduction of myself, meditated about thirty minutes and left. About this time in January late or early February, I watched a presentation by Dr. Steve Barrel on Duke University’s Rhine Institute called “Scry Me a River” mostly it was about Dr. Raymond Moody’s cutting edge research with ancient technology from Greece in their Necronomocons using scrying vats of oil for grieving relatives of the deceased to have “the last word” and how therapeutic it was said to be Moody began working with black mirrors and small chamber in the office called psychomanteum.

Coming from a family with known psychic abilities, dad, aunts, and uncles all descendants of my great grandmother who seemed larger than life to me and branded the thought in my head there was more than meet’s the eye. As a small child growing up hearing about her work in and around my hometown, neighboring cities, and other states felt at times as if for a moment I was lifted from a nobody to some celebrity status, maybe my fifteen seconds of fame that’s said that we all get at some point in life. So no stranger to Magic and Psychic phenomenon the presentation left no doubt that this was my calling and I just received permission to try it from these two distinguished professionals, what could go wrong right?!

After Scry Me a River was finished I headed out to my shop and began making a mirror, blasting the black glossy finish with 432Hz Music pushing dry warm air over the painted finish. Before it was cured I’ put one of them into the frame, lit a candle placed it behind my recliner, killed the lights and so began a magical adventure that would completely change my life and everything I thought I knew about this reality… to this day and is ongoing. I wouldn’t change it for no amount of money as I’ve found friends, allies, and a somewhat surrogate family in the assorted interdimensional Beings I’d come to know and become intimately familiar with, but what unites us is our Great Mother, The living planet we share for our life. Sorry for veering off subject there, getting back to the “Lizard People”

So within minutes of testing out the freshly made black mirror a fleck of light catches my eyes now in a trance state looking through the thing void of thoughts or expectation. Then a pinpoint of greenish-blue light appears way off in the inner landscape of the black mirror and grows larger and larger as if it’s approaching from far away. As it nears I make out a greenish large snake-like python, recall I wanted to express my exhilaration and celebrate, it works, it works, it really works, but kept neutral calmed down and just let things unfold. This snake in very clear detail undulating just the other side of the glass begins to slip on my side of the glass and comes out and floats around my living room. I’m wanting to laugh thinking to myself, holy shit, holy cow. Then a blue skull forms and comes out into the room floating around like Python who by now had disappeared. Thinking at this point don’t overdo it, let it finish drying, and try again tomorrow night. Of course the next day I was excited and couldn’t wait to try this again.

Come sunset I was ready, black mirror, chair, candle. Began slowing breath and noticed smoke coming off of the mirror, the same foggy vapors thought I kept seeing while meditating by the cave the other day. Again Python, then the show would begin Confederate and Union soldiers, men and women wearing late 18th, 19th-century clothing emerging from mirror gliding around the room looking at the art hanging on the walls. The next night same thing except for Python the snake became a dragon-like-faced reptilian before disappearing leaving only the little three-foot something lizard guy walking up onto a chair facing me across the room. The closed curtains to a big bay window seemed to move and shimmer giving way to a scintillating waviness in the air like heat rising. All of a sudden another dragon-like reptilian hominid stepped into the room and onto a side table between two chairs at the sides of the window. Then another one appears to my left as if there were a hidden doorway in the room, three or four more would appear before they’d walk or float around watching me, occasionally summoning entities mostly deceased people from civil war or dressed in the early 1900s. Okay, this went on like this nearly every night and would last hours or I’d break and resume at midnight through three a.m. in the morning. Sometimes rays of sunlight would jar me to the reality that I’d been doing this all night. Seeing the value in this I began to write down my questions or queries that I felt my Great Grandmother could help me with but felt too inexperienced to summon her, what if I was wrong, in my inexperienced rush for answers I asked the reptilians that had once again appeared and filled the room.

Night after night nearly the same sequence of events would unfold and play out. After about three weeks I began to question them for answers, stating to them something like Wendy’s commercial “Where’s the beef” but “where’s the information”? Why can’t you talk or let me know? If I wanted to watch sci-fiction thrillers about LIzard men, I’d watched a movie or something I’d jokingly say but really meaning it. Realizing how much an investment of time this was as in trance time evaporates I realized that I can’t keep doing this, just for the novelty, I’d never exploit them or considered that I was wasting their time but their lack of talking, or saying anything bothered me. I didn’t know it at the time that they were indeed talking to me, but not only that answering questions using something I would later come to know very well as “mind speak”. So around the fourth week, same protocol, black mirror, white smoke, the big snake then the dragon people and what appeared alive ghostly human apparitions, some young to middle-aged women half-naked. Okay, I said in a firm but polite way I can’t keep this up for nothing, I’m here to help understand some inner trauma or wounds from childhood so as to Know myself” better, to become the best version of myself not only for me but for others, the world.

Again I asked them to speak to me and answer questions or I’d be ending these sessions. Acknowledged my appreciation for them appearing and for visiting but I couldn’t keep up at this pace without any results. So here we go, its almost like immediately after my plea the vibe in the room became heavy and serious, uh oh maybe I pissed them off ranting about if I wanted to watch science fiction Sleestacks and soft-porn I could watch TV or see that sort of baloney on my PC. Directly in front of me in the middle of the room, vivid green and the red-colored object begin to appear and drawing closer until it was three foot from me standing about three foot high, I know this will sound ridiculous, but it (he) was wearing a red velvet looking vest. Something was different or off about this, this one looked three-dimensional solid and not the slight hologram-like appearance. Notice something else that made me go hmm and that is there was what appeared to be a very thick glass between him and myself. The kind of glass used to watch atom bomb detonations. I thought this is strange and then began to ask him to identify himself and can he speak? Who are you guys and why don’t you speak or talk to me? All of a sudden it looked as if it was not only talking to me but screaming at me, I could not hear anything but seemed to almost feel its jaws snapping force in what became more violent thrashing. It was here that I broke trance for a moment and said to myself good god, if I didn’t know any better I’d swear it’s trying to slash me to pieces and devour me. Left me feeling a bit creepy and I terminated the session. Later that night again the consistent repeating unfolding protocol like precision clockwork led to similar results. Except for this time after the “Big Snake” part, I was left sitting there watching this white smoke pouring out of the mirror and seemed from my body. A bit alarmed I thought maybe this is what those people do who mysteriously spontaneously human combust are doing, yikes the possibility made me pause a second. I slowly allowed my gaze to try pinpointing the source which no doubt was emanating from my arms holding the mirror in my lap. I began to notice two snakes, eel-like bodied reptile beings just hanging out hoovering there. Awe how cool got some friends hanging waiting on the Dinozards, then the thought went south as I suggested to myself, Uhm I don’t think they’re here to visit, they’re feeding, shifting my view I could clearly see them “inhaling” my etheric body. I composed myself a bit and resumed the session asking where are you all, to my surprise, they began to appear in the living room. Sadly in my inexperience and lack of knowledge of what I was doing I asked them to change their appearance and communicate with me or dismiss themselves, politely of course. Upon my request, almost in the snap of a finger, they disappeared not knowing that I’d never see them again. That was nearly four years ago and have not had any encounters with them. They granted my wish and respected my will I guess and from that moment forward began to see lovely women who’d change into a mature motherly appearance before transforming into a grandmother or crone who’d appear gliding around the room in each transient form admiring some artwork I’d displayed. I said to myself, hey I like this, much better. Not long after I took it to the creek behind my house below the cave in a gorge to try hydromancy. The rest is history as I’ve become very familiar with so many types of beings both Elementals, Genius Locci, Faeries, Nunnehe*Mountain Angels, Tsukaloo (or the Cherokee Bigfoot), the Yunwi Tsundi (Little People) to whom I feel made all of this happen, the shyest of them all but gave me their time nightly for two years, the Yuwi Amaiyi Nehi (the Water Indians), Mermaids, Underwater Panther, Rock/Stone People, Tree Nymphs (dryads), what I think are possibly Sasquatch like beings, the Forest Giants who introduced themselves into my life after using honorific Japanese to Summon (more like politely request as conjure and summon isn’t exactly what I felt I was doing) the Yunwi Tsundi to come to play music, dance, smoke some tobacco. I’ve had so many mind-blowing times with these beings that I feel a bond beyond anything I can describe. They helped transmute what had become a semi-mundane reality into a life supercharged with sacred enchanted magick.

To summarize what the takeaway of my “comment” is this; These small lizard-like beings were Salamanders or Fire Elementals, this took me over a year or two to come to this realization after reading some of Paracelsus’s work on the subject. I’m an Aries Fire sign and no stranger to flames but a complete newbie to the rulers of fire until these sessions began. Next is they were communicating with me the entire time since day one and actually did answer every inquiry I’d asked them, it just didn’t occur the way I expected as they use “mind speak” and during this time new ideas, out of nowhere something like “search for this _” thinking at the time it was my thoughts yet sort of awed that I’d think to look up or research this or that. They taught me in their own highly intelligent way how to stave off panic and fear during trance and encounters with the beings that would follow. Somehow taught me the proper way of talking and communication with a firm yet polite twist all the while staying light-hearted, friendly, and shining forth the inner child to acknowledge and appreciate all of them even at times scary ones or situations.

The day I can make a post in fewer words than my average number of pages, is the day I become a writer, an artist in the conveyance of most knowledge and understanding in the fewest words. Hope it will add to the information on Reptillian Beings as Fire Elementals, just as Mermaids, Undines are Water Elementals, Sylphs, and Faeries Air, Little People, Gnomes Earth Elementals. These four elementals have one thing in common except she’s got memory and can show us anything! What’s in common that is they use Ether (or Spirit) the 5th Element to travel, come and go.. another paper or book in itself!

Anyways each Elemental can be your protective angel or your worst nightmare the choice is ours who or what role they become in our lives I think. I’d get along with a devil if I have to,just because everything and everyone in this realm (middle world) has a purpose not all bad, not all good. But just in case all isn’t as it seems my scaly brethren and kin did the greatest thing by addressing my queries on Native American sky portals for post mortem navigation to the celestial lands of our ancestors if one so chooses.

Ramblings of a Seer of the Faery Folk

To Silence the Mind or Befuddle it for some cessation from thought streams… to the extent you distract it long enough to catch a glimpse of the Universe and experience awareness of the “Falcon” energy.

This may very well be one of my worst blog posts ever.  I just don’t care, and letting spill out what ever way it does.  One of these days, I’ll be a real writer and maybe can come back to this, revisit it and make a better writing from this material.

A method of breath control using backwards counting down of numbers from 11 or more like burning the candle from both ends that came to me yesterday whilst meditating on a vortex. 

Start with 11 and do slow inhalation and slow exhalation then go to 1 for same slow cycle, then go to 10, then 2, then 9, then 3, then 8, then 4, then 7, then 6, then 5, then 4, then 7, then 3, then 8 then 2, then 9, then 1 then back to 10, then 0, then back to 11.  All must equal 11 or the total summation of addition equal 11. By using the initiatory grades of the Ordo Templi Orientis or the A::A or other Mystery school or Secret Society that uses 11 in their Grades.

Seated in the Asana I typically use these days on a known vortex, or on certain segments of Telluric Field Lines that in the past thru the present continue to produce creative inspiration and solutions to hard-to-solve issues and dilemma from the psychological end to the material fix on broken tools, or broken souls.  I was called an arm-chair psychologist by a psychologist who dared me to try and match her wit and intelligence.  I declined but am still a firm pretty sure knower that the next age we all transition into whether as our selves as human beings, or as the new improved model cyborg android trans-human units.  Most people read this far or hear me discuss won’t tune in for my saying I’ve not had a TV since 2003 and source most of my content from my heart or gut.  Reckon it’s all brain functions but swear the stuff that nails it like a sharp shooter feels like heart or the sensation of a certain resonance to truth or knowing in the gut area.  Think it’s called claircognizant, or as my father says or calls it, “Ma Power”.  It took me a while to begin connecting dots to all the how’s, why’s and all but the short version of all this in my humble opinion is summed up by saying it’s all sciences that have been intentionally hidden, shunned ridiculed or otherwise tabooed in our society and academia, well that is for the main stream printed in text books misleading or attention diverting theory and theorems.  Oh here we go, White Smoke!  Tezcatlipoca, Obsidian Smoking Mirror and God of the Underworld, the Counter to Quetzalcoatl, the devil in Mesoamerican Lore and Myth, a most precious gift from my shy but real neighbors, the Yunwi Tsundsi~ Cherokee Little People of all three clans.  And before going further a big bow to knee forehead to ground in respect and acknowledging the dignity, and accomplishments in navigation of Earth Telluric Field Lines, Crisscrosses, and Vortexes (ie. Portals) Okay I said it, to the Portal Magicians: The Adawehi, the Magicians or Wizards clan also known as the Green Corn People or the Red Paint Clan who were/are a clan of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee First Nations People who once lived in the lands and surrounding hills that I call home.  It is unto these hills I was born to find and learn and finally to die but sharing the wisdom I’ve received from an Intelligence that is very much alive and real here on these sacred grounds I call home, the like spring water percolating from deep underground cisterns a natural knowledge bank can be tapped and used for the betterment of all sentient beings on this planet.  I’ve had so many what I’d call legit, out of the box ideas, answers to unsolvable riddles (lies) in our history books.  I will do a more detailed write up on the following:

  1. The Ohio Serpent Mound is a map to the site of Atlantis and marks a portal for a short cut the spiral of the tail and the serpentine sinusoidal curves, just overlay it over the Yucatan Peninsula the open mouth of the snake the Egg is Atlantis, the curves of the snake the mountain range than runs from Yucatan to the Arizona area of the tail or spiral representing a portal.  A common as above so below theme easily seen here is the occurrence of meteoric activity such as the cataclysmic Gulf of Mexico, Dino Extinguishing event and the Ohio Serpent Mound site also ground zero for smaller Meteoric event.  Thins the veil with immense pressure acutely piercing fabric of Etheric matrix.
  2. White smoke or fumes of the oracle of Delphi is basically white smoke, the “Ether” physics curriculum either through error or intention has occulted this basic building block of our Universe and Reality.  The fumes the rise from the cracks isn’t this or that you’ll hear’em say on the history channel… it’s Ether the stuff Mickelson and Morley Experiment proved non-existence while electronic tech corporations have capitalized by their exclusive knowledge as trade secret.  It’s not Woo Woo, it’s occulted science not meant for me or you. It was her own Ether that was witnessed and not some mystery fumes, ooooowoe!
  3. The Balls in Scotland, I forget their name but oh no so many professionals have their idea and theories on what they are, etc.  I can’t believe it, it’s so simple, again not me but my friends at Gaia’s Library! Lol… they’re three dimensional representations of the actual universe or world we live in as human beings in 3-D in Plant and Animal Kingdoms/Realms.  It a sphere of the underworld, the middle world where we reside, and the upper world.  That’s it.  It’s the Shamans construct no matter the country or area of Earth in the past. 
  4. The (Under World) is depicted as the Serpent, a Dragon,  The Upper World is depicted as the Eagle (Upper World).  Since Forever these two duke it out as who get’s control and rule of the beings in the Middle World, chiefly us, the human beings with 3-dimensional digestive systems.  Right now, I’m afraid it appears we’re being led into an Eagle or possibly a Falcon controlled civilization that could herald another dark age instead of the golden age foretold by sages and mages around the world since the last reset or change of guard from a Serpent dominated civilization such as Atlantis or the Hedonistic Sodom on prizes knowledge to all that tends to lead to hedonistic societies to the tighter controlled Eagle or Upper World Rule, the slaves shall serve which at it’s extreme leads to authoritarian dictorship, or a tyrannical form of government, the other  to the current Eagle Rule, just check out country flags and birds, it’s Upper World Rule, Stars and Birds, Thunder Birds.  Tyrannical Government isn’t far from Tyrannosaurus Rex meat eating giant lizard, and the word ‘Govern” in Latin is to control.  While Ment, or Mente in Latin is mental or mind.  So to sum it up, a savage meat eating blood spilling mind controlled beast all humans in past/current dark age have turned over their keys to the show or to themselves….to this!? 
  5. This time long foretold the crowned and conquering child, Horus the Falcon Headed god of Egypt.  We are crowned, hence Corona.  We if given the chance will self rule, self heal, self teach, and basically be our own damn GURU, Guru Gee, Guru r u!, You Are Guru, U, R, U, G you are your own guru.  No more middle men, from religions to doctors we shall become self-empowered to rule ourselves in a new civilization should it be wisely guided.  It goes over my head how technocracies with puppet leaders, the children of deep state, the so-called tech titans with their patented viruses, adreno-chrome labs fueling the demigod lifestyle of royalty and ruling elite behind the scenes.  Nothing new under the sun.
  • 6. The Gig is Up for those in the world who haven’t voluntarily surrendered your sovereignty, Welcome! You’re on the Way to 5-D….Conrats!~ you faced goliath and listened to your heart, and said I ain’t gonna take this and do something that is absolutely makes no sense to my simple good ole boy mind, I didn’t cower from fear of a common cold type of virus that for most is virtually no more deadly than the flu at it’s worst, a plead for a savior, a “CORPORATION” to save the day, that is to “save me” it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to see this one coming!  Since when do for profit corporation really care for anything or anyone but their own shares or wellbeing at the expense of the Earth and innocense.  I’m not the smartest ape in the canopy but really this didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure our or discern.  Totally surrendering your common sense to a DNA altering nanobot technologies that since jab day 24/7, every second, and split second these assemblers busy at work constructing wet ware, or circuits from protein strands, using conductive materials likely sourced in GMO human feed in a plyrotha of form as fresh fruits and vegetables to the more commonly suspect and known carriers of such black magic cauldron cocktail brew of the devils most slick stunts pulled on mankind in recent collective history!  It’s absolutely evil genius and give the puppet masters (the guys behind the puppets; Bezos, Zuckerberg’s, Gates, Musk and there are others, these young “geniuses “that created the worlds leading technologies somehow out of a garage.  Okay beam me up scotty~!  The heart or gut will scream this, followed by a little digging or research on them or their families leads to obvious conclusions.  I wanna laugh, and I do laugh at them.  I’m nothing.  Nearly penniless from covid, never invented anything or done much for humanity… until now, I’m doing my best to put my mind that hermit, reclusive thing that’s sucked up as much knowledge and experiential knowledge as I could hold for one life time, and thanks to so-called “Fae” or Faeries, a very real race of beings more real than most people I know yet beautifully hidden or have options of opting out of the affairs of the children of men or tinkering with them if they chose.  They basically kicked me outta the cave and my zabuton!  Said you can’t take it with you when you die, get out there and become who you seek to become.  I’m like huh?, what..?  Okay, I’ll share any all that you all (the Fae) have shared or learned me up on as well as the written works on the backs of masters who’s lifetime works I read in the years since stepping onto similar paths walked by Mayan, Aztec Tezcatlipoca Priest Kings, the plant poison plant left handed path (I’m an Aries with little patience, don’t think I’ll try a shortcut in a heartbeat so long as none are harmed (except perhaps myself through some of the ordeals self-imposed upon myself for temporary dissolution of ego and to abide in the eternal awareness of heightened consciousness of higher mind, the Universe becoming aware of itself sort of feeling.  Walking in close lockstep with Paracelsus, Levi, Crowley, Yeats, Tibetan Lamas, Monks, Zen Masters, Egyptian, Kabbalistic Esoteric Qabalah, Alchemy, Hermetic Systems of Knowledge fraternities such as the OTO, Golden Dawn, Witchcraft from folk to high magick, Native American Wisdom, Shamanic and Trance workings and my own mix as an apprentice to the Appalachian version of the Tuatha De Dannan, or the Fae!  The bottom line is it’s all about “ENERGY” all else is woo woo.  Know this and know Thyself!
  • To the best of my knowledge I seem to be the only person who has had a month long nightly gathering of my Zodiacal Sun Sign Elementals in my living room.  Okay I’ll admit it sounds crazy as it comes, I got to meet some really intelligent lizard people or reptilians of short stature, more like a dinosaur like faces and bipedal, or two-leggeds.  They delivered, any question I had about the mysteries of my self they had answers.  They’re Salamanders or Fire Elementals reported per Paracelsus to resemble colored lizard beings.  Shape shifters and most definitely tricksters.  Out of stupidity I asked them to leave or change their form which they did, and I never laid eye upon one since, although I guess I could try at some point… as a Fire Sign they’re kind of like kin folk.  And the only colored ones beside shades of green where ones that wore a red velvet vest! They showed me more than I knew and those sessions to this day reveal the secret workings of the occult, and subconscious mind.  They were basically very instrumental in helping me your humble author in unfucking myself!
  • Reason I stopped “Conjuring” or “Seeking Elementals or Spirits to work with.  The number one reason was my head was maxed out, with dozens of accounts, actual experiences with the many types of interdimensional beings, both living what I’d call people or beings, as well as what appear to be ghosts or the residual imprints of people or what’s left of their energy bodies or layers.  Like the body they too will dissolve into nothing or transfer the residual energy constructs back into the Ethers.   I’d reached a point of maximum input and minimum output, not the mention the sheer time and resources it takes to do this sort of thing which takes up a lot of time and guess you could say money cause you can’t work a 9-5 and be Wizard!
  • The Condor and the Eagle – In the Works, has already Happened
  1. The Warriors of the Rainbow – Is Happening Now
  1. The Blue Kachina –Is happening Now
  1. Native Americans and Agenda 21 or Agenda 30 – Does Indigenous people around the world stand a chance of reclaiming rewilded lands of their ancestral pre-white settler / colonization times as stated in these New World Order proclamations!?   And if so would they let a white devil bodied Indian Soul wannabe chose to rewild among tribes with this opportunity?
  1. Is reaching your own conclusions on reality our own or in itself a sort of co-opted option perceived as self-chosen and concluded?  Who can ever be sure about anything in these realms.  This is why the Native American Mound builders culture or death cult of south eastern united states was so popular and covered the united states from the Atlantic to Pacific shore lines with millions of stone and earthen mounds said to be guides for the dead or energy bodies of the dead to use a post mortem navigation to a exit portal at the top of the upper world’s sky dome just under the belt of Orion, said by the North and South American Indians as a severed hand at the wrist with an eye in it or “Ogee” a portal.  Let that sink in really good, why in the world would a native American person be so hell bent on exit outta here when they lived in once pristine virgin forests and lands teaming with wildlife and crystal-clear waters teaming with water beings, alive with all sorts of fish.  Why, Who in their right mind would think it so bad that villages from coast to coast were lining up to take the magically timed ritual of the dead’s exit to lands of the ancestors out of the three worlded matrix of everlasting cycles of birth and death!  And why if there is any truth to this, weren’t we told anything about it?  With the Smithsonian taking barges out to see to dump skeletons of giants, priest kings ruling class elite of most mound complexes.  The Smithsonian needs to be called out for what it is, an instrument and tool of ignorance.  Those responsible should be resumed from their graves and dumped in the ocean as the First Peoples Ancestors remains were treated, basically like garbage.  The building and museum should stand forever as a testimate of limits that tyrannical rule will go to occult truth from populace of dumbed down human beings, near equals to farm animals and lab rats in the cold steely eye of the Falcon or Eagle.

That’s it for now, there’s more? Oh yeah, I just gotta stop typing for now. I’ll be glad when speech to text is perfected.

How to See Big Foot and other Sasquatch Like Beings Of Native American Lore

..Fill your heart with love. Open it, leave it vulnerable without fear. They scan our energy signature and know ahead of time who they’re dealing with

By Far, I’ll have to admit that having a face to face with one of these Mysterious Giants of the Forest has got to be hands down the most adrenaline producing encounters I’ve ever had and each time leaves me feeling almost like a “high”. Maybe the sort of buzz someone gets when actually doing the impossible or living through a death defying stunt of some kind or another. Over time however meeting these unimaginably intelligent beings the “Gatekeeper Game” diminishes and you’re met with, at least for me doing this in the same area and location, familiar faces. The funny thing is the females never confronted me with the baring of teeth, facial expressions of utter contempt or even hatred of human beings as the males did from the get go and continued on and on quite a bit into early conversations with these most amazing beings, the original Two Leggeds, our Big Elder Brothers are quite impressive to say the least. Not just in height and girth, but equally as such intellectually, witty, and extremely praeterhuman intelligence like you’ve never experienced before. And after the vicious displaying of their large mouths, teeth including two to four prominent canines what next? This savage display of jaw snapping and mouth movements inches from your face, at least every time for myself personally this would unfold like this, then would give way to a smile that seemed to convey, eeehh heeee, little chuckle as if they were just joking with me to see if they could scare me to death. This was always followed by what I can only describe as the warmest friendliest smile on planet earth. Unlike the smiles we get from our fellow man and woman, not sure if sincere or not… these smiles never left any doubt to me and I’d follow their lead slowly letting myself smile yet withholding the urge to just laugh in what amounted in higher levels of joy and bliss of living through that initial face to face followed by a “gotcha” chuckle-smile, that gave way to a compassionate smile of a dear friend or loving relative. It’s weird I know but quite enjoyable, yet very repeatable at least the last few times I had these encounters. By then it was familiar faces without the gate keeper type engagements with previously known males I’d encountered before immediately getting down to the business or medicine at hand; via Mind-speak. I learned a lot from them and forever grateful for these experiences they shared with their human counterpart, their “Younger Brother.”

According to them and from First Nations Tribal Peoples of North America, Star Beings or the Star People came down and hunted these Giants holding them in their Flying Shields, in breeding experiments against their will, basically raped them, producing the first Human Beings. In the Emergence out came the Two Leggeds, then in the time of the Emergence, came the Sons and Daughters of Man, small and without hair, dressed in skins of all the living creatures, dancing the dance of the heavens and stars, dancing the dance of the Mother and the Moon. Creatures of the Earth, Stay Strong, Our Younger Brother has to grow up and when this time comes your peace will emerge once again as you inherit a restored Mother Earth free of Younger Brother either through global wide death or in the maturity and growing up from the unwanted creations of demiurge design to something akin to our Big Elder Brothers, minus the “Big” of course to become “Elders” ourselves someday soon.

Well the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Are you ready to get to really know yourself? Are you the kind of person ready to embrace the Truth in all It’s appearances as the “Good the Bad and the Ugly”? Have you done any shadow work, that is self-retrospection at the seeds of your drives, motives and behaviors? Can you tell the difference from your waking consciousness (Sun) from your sub conscious (Moon)? How does these sort of questions have anything to do with seeing the Forest Giants, Sasquatch? They have everything to do with having an encounter. First off like any Beings of the Fae folds, they don’t even fool with most humans, especially ones who venture into their territories who’ve lived without any self introspection, the narcissist, the bully, the know-it-all, the too serious, the too tense, the doubting “unbeliever”, the overly enthusiastic “believer”, the armchair _anything _, the outer brave and inner coward, those who cling to their worldly lives, those who take and take, never giving as much as they take, the one-upppers, those whose hearts are hard and cold and those who speak of Love yet have little to nothing in their hearts. If anyone interested in contacting these Beings feel they have any of the shortcomings listed above, personally I’d rethink trying to contact them or any of the Fae Beings until deep healing inner workings are done. Doing so is proceeding at your own risk and the author is hereby free of legal and karmic liability. For the record, I’m no angel, maybe a little crazy, but certainly not a devil nor is my body a vehicle for their use during periods of mindlessness.

I offer the following tips in the Light to which they given when I received them. If you’re a doubter or a disbeliever most likely, the worst case scenario would be simply nothing will appear and you’ll realize that you’re alone in the woods. Then if that reality sends electric pangs of panic throughout your body with no way to control it until you finally find the flashlight in your jacket then know you haven’t been honest with yourself. Perhaps reread the previous paragraph, print it out and take it to some teacher or guru you feel comfortable with and get to work knowing thyself first! On the other hand if you can muster up this loving awareness of interconnectedness, that all things are alive, even the Earth Herself and acknowledging your surroundings of rocks, soil, trees, water, plants as beings with an intelligent equal to or greater than your own, the chances of contact increase significantly. Especially when working with the Fae or any of their subgroups, including Elementals and Nature Spirits.

This is not an out or an excuse by the author to explain why if you perform the following steps with no results or why nothing is happening. Honestly if you’re heart isn’t in the right place and should one appear and fear should overcome you, I think they could kill or render the mind insane for life. They scan every human who ventures unwittingly into their realms, who unknowingly crosses paths or who blindly brushes by a hairs width from contact never knowing how close they were to one of these “invisible” Giants. These steps will in fact bring you face to face with an encounter or experience within the thin line between our Human world, the here and now, and the inter-dimensional realms teaming with life that dwarfs the lifeforms we’re all familiar with here in the human – animal Middle World. As per the request of the “Fae of the Appalachian Mountains” I am sharing everything and not withholding nothing so please read on if you the reader feels like they’re ready to start down the road that once ventured down a stretch one finds there is no return. But sometimes no return to a mundane life is just in fact what flips the switch on in life to overdrive into living an enchanted and magical life beyond your wildest dreams.

With no further ado, here are some basic steps with tips and foot notes from my journals working with them.

A night photo taken of some etheric being. I used this to convey in a small yet useful way how their faces give off this bio-luminescence glow. Not sure what my camera caught in this photo while it resembles the forest giants in size and some facial features, the teeth on the ones I’d got used to were all there and very strong looking, also their check bones, brows and facial outlines were highlighted in a more brighter light, almost very similar to the stylized masks and images used by the West Coast Tribes. Maybe the being shown in this photo was an older one or a Grandfather Forest Giant. I seldom could remember to ask them could I take a photo, if I even had my cell phone on me at the time. The real time experience dwarfed what a photo could ever bring in terms of wow, so never tried photographing them. Actually it was before I began photographing the Fae to such a large extent in later years. This image came after I could see Ether Clouds forming around my body and asked to take a photo. What you’re seeing is the result.

Firstly you must put yourself into their territories or in a thoroughfare, entrance way into or out of some places the frequent. So how do you find the ultimate Big Foot, Sasquatch romping grounds? Check out some of the names of creeks, ridges, caves, hills, mountains, knobs, unusual rock formations that have the name “Devil’s” _____ recorded on maps, or handed down word of mouth. For example; Devil’s Creek, Devil’s Cave, Devil’s Courthouse, etc. For some reason, as the saying goes; “where there’s smoke there’s usually a fire!” Early Missionaries and the flood of white Christian settlers inherited the names and or from experiencing frequent encounters with these hairy devils. Yes, they were called hairy devils or devils by the whites who from their captivity in European Oligarch-Church villages sharecropping on borrowed land and having themselves been wrangled from their own Animistic-Shamanic Tribes a thousand years earlier had lost the tender embrace of Mother Nature that had been replaced by indoctrination, brutal rape, torture and murder of their ancestors and now found themselves landless peasants, rudderless in a sea of ignorance engineered by the very forces that put them in such helpless positions in life and that currently ruled nearly every aspect of their lives, their minds, bodies, spirit and soul. The American Indian and the Black races of Africa would soon endure the same sort of systematic break down of their cultures, the severing of ancestral memories and the brutality that comes at the hands of Europe’s indoctrinated children upon the face of the Earth to all races, plant and animal life that leads right up to the now, the poor state of the world that we, all the colors and races of the children of man find ourselves in. So don’t let the “Devil” scare you from venturing out into these places of known weirdness, of high strangness with history of frequent “Devils” in the vicinity. If by chance you live in a city, state or country that doesn’t have any nomenclature of this sort (then you’re definitely not in the USA). In this case here is how you would go about locating and finding a suitable spot to setup and spend time trying contact. As with most any Fae Beings, Nature Spirits, or Elementals their habitats are a dead give away.

An example, I found a boulder half in the creek and there was a rainbow like prism that beckoned me to realize it was a sacred space. Look closely under the rainbow prisms, you might be able to see what appears to be shadowy forms of small Indian looking beings. For some reason the areas below and above rainbow like prisms captured here most always appear to be populated by Beings not usually seen in our world.

Find running water like a large stream that has been around a few then thousands of years, a creek, a little river or a river. You can tell or approximate age based on the weathering on the stones in and around the banks. If possible spend time in nature, state parks, national parks and lands unless you have access to these type of settings on private land the better. Feel using your heart and not your mind a sacred spot usually it will be I’ve found in my own workings some unusual outcropping of hard granite type of bedrock cut and ground by the water well away from human habitation. The most inhospitable spots for human habitation the better. There seems to be a connection between granite or other hard stones and boulders in or around creek/river banks and the inter-dimensional travel to and from their regularly frequented Middle World terrains or landscapes they prefer. When the heart leaps out at the place that calls it then take a moment, clear the mind of thought and ask with respect and humility may I have a seat nearby and connect with your form, beauty, uniqueness and power. If you feel uneasy or get some vibe other than sure please have a seat, then move on to another spot. Maybe try again later on another day until you receive permission to do so. Don’t worry, as you’ll find Nature is alive and throbbing with vibrant intelligent conscious energy just like you and me. They’ll virtually come out of the wood works, stones, trees and waters one they become aware of your purest intentions and good will to acknowledge them and to get to know them. Like most anyone we know including ourselves, we love it when we’re acknowledges and given the invitation to tell a little bit about ourselves. To me, there’s little difference between a human shining than a stone or tree shining when asked how are you, tell me about yourself, and told how beautiful you or they are by someone who genuinely cares. *Keyword – here is genuine. Once this sort of connection is made with the Nature of the area and a sacred place has called out to your heart, have a seat and congratulations, you’re half way there. Begin by getting comfortable, lean up against a tree to loosen your muscles especially the neck upper and lower as well as upper and lower back as you slow your breath ever so slower and slower without gasping for an inhalation or after an exhalation. It should be so slow and imperceptible that should an onlooker be watching you they’d think you quit breathing. But not to fear after five to ten minutes you’ll be highly aware of yourself and your surroundings. Keep this up until it feels natural and comfortable but resist the urge to fall asleep. After about ten to fifteen minutes of calming the mind and reducing the thinking mind, open your eyes if they were closed and look in the direction of the special place you’ve found, a rock outcropping, boulder in the water, some unique land formation that called you to the place. Ever so gently let your gaze “soften” and relax until it begins to feel your eyes are going slightly cross-eyed. Remember, soft and easy, no strains on the eyes. Don’t try to force it, the eyes will find this sweet spot on their own. Now continue the breath exercises with this sort of gaze, what I call a trance inducing gaze. This should go down in the dark at the earliest twilight, as most inter-dimensional beings for some reason are always found betwixt or in between things such as light and darkness of twilight or that of dawn at day break. Especially for the Forest Giants I’ve found after twilight through midnight to around 3:30 am to right before sunrise before dawn is best times. Feel free to practice during the afternoon until twilight to get a feel of the area and what you’re about to get into. Usually even in the daylight you may receive signs that you’re on track in a myriad of ways that will leave no doubt that you’ve attracted the attention to some intelligence in the wilds of Nature. In my own case, I stumbled upon them by accident waiting for the Little People to come out and play music and dance something that I was doing regularly most nights when it was clear and warm, ie., nights free of rain and heavy moisture.

Second step is to raise your vibration, that is to increase your body’s vibrational frequency. There are a number of ways of accomplishing this such as for example playing some music that makes you want to move or dance to. Take a Bluetooth wireless speaker with you and some downloaded favorite tunes no matter what they are if they bring you up, bring them out when you try this. If seated by a running stream or any body of water of stream size to a river, just let the sound of the water take any negative, fearful, doubting, worry or stress related thoughts and wash them out. This is what water is known for traditionally in all cultures around the world, it has a known refreshing, replenishing, rejuvenating affect on our minds. Once this mental cleansing has taken place if not already before entering the forest, begin cultivating love, yes, the purest intent, and purest love you can possibly muster up for everything in your new forest environment, the sandy bank, let it know how beautiful and comfortable it is, let the trees, the stones, the water, everything know how grateful you are to be in their presence and thank them from the heart for letting you sit a spell and admire their beauty. You can’t hide ulterior motives or intention from Nature and her kind, so it’s usually a good idea to state your intentions for coming and why. Again key point is honesty with purest intention. You can say something of the sort, I come here to meet (if it’s your first time doing this) the vast intelligence and delicate beauty of Nature in all that surrounds me. To partake in your divine beauty and get to know each and every one of you as you feel comfortable revealing. I also seek the beings of the interdimensional realms such as any beings of the Fae Realms, especially those known as the Forest Giants. This followed by a brief explainantion why, I usually say something like this but use your own wording with what feels aligned to your reasons; I seek their medicine, I seek to learn as much as they’re willing to share. So that I may begin the Great Work of knowing myself which is the first step of my own evolution, so that I may become a being fit to coexist in harmony and peace to precious Mother Earth, harming none, loving all without exceptions. This may sound overboard or hoke to some but anything less than your utmost adoration will produce no “fruit” . Sometimes you may not feel up to par, or not finding yourself exuding with gratitude and having little love for sticks and stones. This is where you must learn how to “hack” your mind. It is hack-able and will produce the results you’re seeking times a thousand if you’ll just give it a serious try. Here are a few pointers on “hacking” the mind to get the results you seek.

One of the ways of Hacking the mind is to know and hold firmly that if you can trick it into believing or thinking that you’re seeing some supernatural phenomenon then it will like say, “Okay, hell you got me, here enjoy your new reality” otherwise the mind acts something like a filter of the brain to sort out anything between the colors red and violet and anything withing the range of human audible sound spectrum of 20-20,000 Hz. Just know that we are bombarded by light waves and sound frequencies far outside the lower and upper limits imposed upon our limited perceptions. So knowing a little about our Pineal Glands is paramount in that we eat natural organic foods, especially fruits and vegetables that look like brains or pine cones such as pineapple, avocados, or have colors of the Pineal glands chakra light waves of indigo, purple or violet colored fruits vegetables. Learning to chant or throat sing will usually make this gland vibrate, get to know your Pineal Gland, it’s your friend and the Gateway Portal to Heaven from entombment in the flesh. It is enemy number one for thousands of years by the ruling elite who have employed silent weapons for quite wars on the human being’s Pineal Gland. This tiny little birch tree like katkin wouldn’t harm a fly… and that’s part of the problem. As a gateway to the spiritual worlds, a passage into realms inhabited by light beings (angels and benevolent beings) it is a powerhouse of human potential and accessing higher realms there is great compassion for all living things. While self empowerment and compassion is counter to the will of these 1% it is an obstacle to these ruling elite who run things down here in the middle world, and to whom think the spiritual realms and the gifts that come with experience are reserved for the rulers of this world only and definitely not the business of their subjects. Remember how they’ve taken us from our Tribes by force and cut our ancestral memories forever? These were once our birth rights, from Animistic Shamanic Tribes of our distant past and severed ancestral lines. For our lot can’t be wasting time in these realms in any numbers as their bottom line begins to weaken and loose it’s profit and kingdom building potential. If left unfettered, the human populations would have dwindled down to dangerously low proportions in their onward upward ascension that natural process all life goes through as it evolves into ever higher being, that which would seriously put a dent in the lifestyles of demigods who float around in their heavenly breakaway civilizations built on the blood, sweat and tears of the hundreds of millions kingdom builders, that is you and me, “us” the other 99%ers who have unknowingly served in their scheme of things in our “normal” realities we’re born into and die out of. I include this sort of information in this post and in an effort to keep it on topic and this sort of divergence brief yet essential to understanding the mystery between your eyes as you read this. Most folks have this gland but due to these efforts to rid the gland in our heads, most pineal glands in the modern world have calcified or turned to stone through the introduction of fluoride, glyphosate, heavy metals and WIFI frequencies in the 2.4 gigahertz range. Four things found heavily saturated in today’s environments of the Americas, especially the USA. Rudolf Steiner predicted over a hundred years ago that large corporations would seek to remove the souls of human beings* see footnote cited source. That time is now. Use it or loose it for very soon we all may never have the faculty of sensing these realms. And it is emphasized here most importantly to remind the reader that without this gland none of this works. Without it forever we will be cut off from inter-dimensional awareness and true knowledge of ourselves. Forever wandering the material realms of the Middle World with no hope of ascension or evolving into higher spiritual beings. For this reason, the Fae reached out to me in almost what I’d describe as a desperate plea to wake up to what’s going on and enlighten as many people as possible with their message. For the end is near for human populations. Even though we’re not too well thought of in the realms of these Fae beings for the harm we’ve caused over the past few thousand years they know we’ve been deceived and indoctrinated from birth by these ruling classes. And as our bodies share the same flesh, blood and bones as most of Earth’s children we’re still a part of the family no matter of how our origins began with stories of genetic modifications, hybridization and breeding programs of a cold calculating race of creator “gods” known as Elohim. While we’ve brought Earth to her knees, make no mistake, human beings will be removed like over night in cosmic time while the Earth has Billions of years to recover to our individual lifespans of 80 years or so. To delve further in ways to decalsify the pineal gland and get it functioning to it’s highest potential I’d suggest to the reader to do their own research and draw their own conclusions on the matter and hopefully find a efficient technique that produces measurable results. Some suggestions from the author of this post before moving on, would be to buy and consume Shilajet capsules, organic diet of juicing detoxes, fasting, sun gazing and daily meditation focusing on the middle eye and or a single candle light to awaken it from it’s tomb of stone.

* “In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine.Under the pretext of a ‘healthy point of view’, there will be a vaccine by which the human body will be treated as soon as possible directly at birth, (1) so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and Spirit.. To materialistic doctors, will be entrusted with the task of removing the soul of humanity. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).

Now I will share with the reader one of the secrets to seeing any inter-dimensional being or spirits and that is what I call “White Smoke” or officially known as “Ether” or the “Etheric Body” Just this simple word Ether alone screams a post dedicated to what it is, why it’s mostly hidden and kept out of academia, and what plans are for it’s existence in the future of humanity. If you will practice the art of seeing your body’s etheric double or that of someone else you’ll go far in seeing any spirit, Big Foot, Fae, Little People, etc. I will hold dedicated space below on how to learn to see yours and that of anything or anyone. But it’s best and most exciting to see your own first and take this into the forest with you and as the breath and relaxing the eyes gaze techniques are used outlined earlier, to watch for the wafting of these gentle vapors that rise or emanate from the human body begin to come into clear view, know my dear friends you have or on the threshold of the their worlds! I’ll go into greater details on the Ether and how to see it. But before closing this post will leave a parting shot, a helpful tip. When performing some of the suggested techniques covered in this post, keep an eye out for faint vapors rising, wafting up into your field of view.

Be patient and aware of their existence and natural part of your bodies energetic makeup and layers. One more final, final tip is to covet and nurture apophenia and pareidolia two words derived from ancient Greece for the minds eye’s ability to perceive a face in the clouds or in the trees, never discount these but incorporate into your methods of inducing trances. By suspending the minds belief of something as not real, or doubts and just go with it like pretending it is real and suppressing the doubting functions of our minds filtering mechanisms you’d be surprised how many times through suspension of doubt, knowing that what I was seeing was just an interplay of shadow, light, foliage and a breeze soon became a procession of Little People. Was it then I was witnessing an illusion? No, the suspension of normally held beliefs of doubt and rational left brained mind kept at bay long enough to trick the mind into releasing the filter grip it has on our input ports this in turn caused a sharp increase in adrenaline and serotonin which raised the vibration, slip-shot the mind into the space known as the Veil, or Rending the Veil, Parting the Veil. Once this happens and you witness what lies just the other-side, then like an avalanche of truth too massive for the mind to stave off you’ll find yourself plunged into another world with beings that with repeated ventures into this realm, that you’ll come to know as familiar and dare I say dear Friends!

Gate Keepers ~ Guardian of the Water People’s Realm

As I began my self initiation in complete unawareness not knowingly realising what I was becoming.  I was steadfastly transforming myself from someone with medium low abilities in clairvoyancy and now into becoming a seer, it didn’t take long to reach a conclusion about the different types of inter-dimensional beings.  And that is there is usually a gatekeeper or guardian spirit/beings in every Elementals environs.  For the Water People even though their guardian is fierce and resilient moreso than I’d noted so far in my journeys  into using second sight.  I’ll likely write a post for each type of gate keep encountered here instead of trying to categorize them all in one sitting.

Of all the gatekeepers, this One by far is not only entertaining but most memorable.  “He” was like a watch dog and noticed my presence in their realm every time while others didn’t seem to mind nor care .   Except for Mermaids, the most beautiful women I’d ever seen, just stunning beauty and playful flirting demeanor was about as good at got I recall thinking at the time.  Each time I’d start to go into trance till I pierced the water’s veil then like a switch open eyed transposed scenes my and theirs overlaid where I could no longer perceive my own but had entered the Underworld. It was always the air of relief sitting on the sidelines knowing that I’d made it in again. Repeat-ability, consistency, the scientific method was at work in all techniques I used to transmigrate into intersecting dimensions.  Now just to hang out and watch, letting it unfold on its own. I could see boaters in canoes, running along side bank and jumping in in what appears to be a race. Families on sunny shoreline picnic ing swimming, playing.  Then my awareness snaps back to the creek as a well defined pair of shimmering translucent waterie legs go walking by on top of waters surface.  Oh wow I recall, smiling as I realize here we go, definitely gonna be some action today.  I begin noticing quite a few “people” translucent to nearly invisible only a shimmer or flint of wavy liquidness caught my eye in the afternoon sunshine between myself and the warm orange orb, I fondly call “near Star”.  As I continued watching letting it all unfold without my own restrict or expectations taint the encounter as these beings began to “snap” into view, I gasped.  It was here watching them cone and go walking by my on top of the water like Jesus is said to have done.  I noticed one of the passer-bys do a double take at me, and uh oh, that pit in my stomach, busted, stay calm no fear ice done no wrong and harmed none. I told myself. As this most strange waterie almost invisible being began to wyeme seriously. I waited as a lay in trance sprawled out on the zero gravity chair I use for such activities outside.  He charged me all of a sudden but what made it so outstanding was he faked me, like he wasn’t gonna do anything then rapidly circled around where he stood coming within a foot or so from my face and walked off.  Damn I thought as a thought slipped through the “gatekeeper of my own mind, why do these experiences outdo the ones that came before, as if there’s some sort of competition to levels of crazy, magic, magick, unbelievable encounters the sort of circumstances and situations that honestly I, nor anyone I know could possibly make up, I reflected with a slight grin not seen in the pitch blackness of nights deep under the canopied trees of post Beltane nearing Summer Solstice in the Appalachians of North Carolina.  The kind of limited exterior repressed smile that like the tip of an iceberg wells up inside the cup of the heart and boundless airy skies of mind, in this hard to describe ecstatic joy felt, tangibly with no second guessing, as one approximates having ventured into Magical Lands/Enchanted Realms and upon meeting some of the inhabitants in all of their Glamore and Grandeur.  Bring that back with you and share it with your tribe in the village and take a seated meditative position upon the Zafudon of a full cup of warm peace and contentedness, blissful abiding in a taste of what’s in store for Earth’s future and for us individually as we find our way to Heaven’s Door.

The Water Indians “Yunwi amayi nehi, are one of the easier to See”and mostly seem ambivalent at worst about being watched among all the Elementals.  I’d say they’re the fayeway or gateway “drug” of their worlds…class due to their physical underwater appearance can act as a catalyst in short circuiting the mind’s doubting Thomas “kill switch” whose function is simple, to keep man forever oblivious to his extrasensory abilities as much as

Wrath of one of Water’s guardian gatekeepers. ( A photo taken recently and used here a visual example of what they look like in real life.  They are very real and physical once confronted by one of these guys leaves no doubt they’re a water spout, that point of conciouss intellect that is driving this mass of water is very similar to my own consciousness, I easily recognized it and it’s seat, in the midst of the mass of water coagulating enough to take on form.  The ones I’d interacted with in the beginning appeared in these water gel translucent long lanky arms and trunk with shorter legs and squatty waist down. Their face held similar feature and countenance as the Stone Giants of Easter Island, except when they’re trying to scare me outta the realm their face take on a more hostile and threatening expression.  Since gifting them that first time, never have I been challenged afterwards when piercing through the veil that separates our worlds.  The small gift(s) were nothing, hardly reflected the sheer gratitude I feel towards them for putting up with me, having faith and trust that their efforts in reaching out to someone like me who could be relied on upon, shared simar vision of making the truth of Gaia’s plight through some of her darkest days known in the hearts and minds of my people.  When it comes down to it I can go into the forest and spill my heart out, naked without shame and know they are there, hear me, without judgement or blame their wise counsel and assistance when needed in life and giving what feels like downloads the kind of information that helps one out by revealing insider secrets or helping hand at times with what feels like a new operating system and reboot.  As one who has spent lots of time with their kind I’ve noticed changes that have impaired my abilities in areas or aspects of life that no longer serve myself or the Earth. Meaningless Persuits that ensnare perpetuating destructive negative cycles. cyclesx now seen peak desire Monopoly like play money printed on dead trees, without their consent repurposed by the Babylon’s banking and commerce dynasties into crisp new hundred dollar bills backed by nothing but the working potential, mathematical statistical wizardry estimates the millions just one lifetime of a consumer-working drone prototypes used in the end days.we truly are born into a system of tight controls and restricted freedoms. An invisible prison of the mind, and all of us are delivered here by our poor unsuspecting parents into bondage as debter slaves, here to payoff the debts of our forefathers in an endless cycle that never gets caught up.
The Water Indians “Yunwi amayi nehi, are one of the easier to See”and mostly seem ggg can act as a catalyst in short circuiting the mind’s doubting Thomas “kill switch” whose function is simple, to keep man forever oblivious to his extrasensory abilities as much as possible keeping us stuck in denser realities.  A reasonable thing to do if you’re a nature spirit trying to keep our mischief in check and protecting delicate boundaries that separate their world from ours.  Now however I’m pointing at something I’ve never seen before and very curious as to what I was looking at and videotaping.  Video can be viewed on the Rainbow 🌈 warrior YouTube channel sometime later today.  I walked close to it thinking it was some trash like an old plastic trash bag or something caught up in a eddy current.  It appears to be sand.  A Creation of water and earth elements.

Well all things, especially those favored or liked must end and so did the rush of facing off the water’s keeper.  It ended the day I gave the mermaids and Water people, yes even expressly giving to the gate keeper. Afterwards never seen him again nor did I get to test my nerves and abilities of controlling fear response, reacting in ways to deepen my time in their realm instead, by keeping my pulse even, breath slower speed, and clipping racing thoughts of fear or reveling in the exhilaration of inter-dimensional interaction with beings that seem larger than life.

Milk and Roses, Mermaids favorite offerings. A similar offering years ago retired a gatekeeper whom I’ve not seen since

“White Smoke” – An Unusual Gift from the Cherokee Little People

“White Smoke” – The Gift from the Little People of myth and legends that powerfully transforms lives and aids in the Awakening that’s going on these days

The Cherokee Little People until now have been some obscure superstition or belief held by Native Americans. However I’m here to proclaim that there are in fact beings known only in stories and myth that always have been and currently reside here in these mountains. This blog is a result of two years of interactions with these beings and others of similar composition. In this line of work I’ve learned a few things and from the get go, here’s the redefining of some words and terms used in describing this sort of phenomenon. Firstly, Spirit = Energy. Occult = to hide. Spiritual = Energetic. Quoting Tesla, if you want to better understand the Universe think of all things in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibrations. Also Revelations or the Apocalypse simply means to reveal something previously kept secret or hidden.

Late last year a few days after the Fall Equinox walking along the banks of the creek that winds around my house situated some two hundred something feet above atop the ridge was struck with an eye-opening realization. Slightly in a hurry to beat the setting Sun’s eminent plunge into the underworld casting this little gorge into the “between” or twilight one of the best times to encounter the “Fae” or Fairy Beings of the Appalachian Mountains. I was suddenly struck with an epiphany that hit me hard while walking along side of the creek bank. Reflecting on the memorable encounter that had burned an impression into my mind’s landscape that I’ll never forget. Just yesterday evening I’d been accosted by a mixed gathering of the Cherokee Little People, Nunnehei, Forest Giants and special appearance of what I can only describe as the Genius Loci “The Spirit of Place” who had materialized from a large cluster of misty vapors or thick mass of fog that had appeared from nowhere and glided upstream and rose up the bank near where I stood within seconds upon my request to meet this land’s guardian spirit. I would later learn and psoitively identify this powerful and massive land spirit known as the Genius Loci. The encounter occurred while packing up tools and camping supplies of a work camp I stayed in most of the summer last year I used while working on the land and building an Earth Lodge / Cherokee Pitt House that’s overlooking the creek.

Walking along the water’s edge reflecting on the previous night’s extraordinary encounter that came without warning, summoning or conjuring. It happened in the twilight, early and a bit too light outside for these guys as they usually show up later at darkest hour on usually darkest nights in the wee hours. Something was up I could feel it in my bones, and while sorting through possibilities of meanings or interpretations. It was here that the Ah-Ha moment came that while I hadn’t asked or waited on it and the connecting of dots could proceed, thus bringing me great appreciation and gratitude in realizing that the white smoke I’d been seeing rising and wafting away from my body first began while meditating at a little cave entrance behind my house. I didn’t see that after bringing offerings to any gnomes residing in such terrain (if in fact they’re even real, which I kept an open mind at the time) the connection to what would later follow and stay with me was the fact that I’d become a Seer. But not aware how it came to be wasn’t the question I was asking. It would be nearly a year and a half later that things would fall into place and I would know how it all came to be to bring me to the point in life where I sit here writing about so many encounters with the paranormal in the forest and my home.

For some reason, I’d missed it, went over my head to connect the dots linking my first offering to “spirits” or “elementals” of the land with a creek flanked on both sides with near vertical cliffs. The land, an ancient rugged stone gorge carved by the creek, wasn’t very hospitable to human use. Other than rock and sand beaches the only flat horizontal patches of land where ones that I’d had cut by grading with heavy machinery. Now I have a nice flat graded site by creek frontage along the western, north and eastern border. The southern border near top of the cliffs that joined my place on the ridge. While pristine, wild and beautiful, the land that I’d recently purchased came with an unwelcome surprise. I noticed reflecting back to these first days after closing, when all hell began to break loose and that I was about to embark on one of the most magickal, yet strange unfamiliar territory deep within my own self. Shortly after becoming the new owner of the property, I began to improve it by clearing and construction of walking paths and camping areas. Unknown to me at the time were rules set firm by different groups of invisible people who were and had been for ages living here. Now I know they likely could be classified as the “Fae” or “Sidhe” type of beings, people like spirits similar in many ways to those of Ireland and Scotland.

Early on about six months after purchase I’d met a friend who channels the Little People of Africa called the Kotomble. Being somewhat inspired to reach out and make some form of contact seemed to be a good idea and at worst would be a small adventure exploring caves and overhangs that were yet unexplored. It was this day, shortly after assuming the asana for meditation just outside the cave entrance while a platter of libations and gifts, an offering to these “imaginary” beings of the land laid neatly beside the opening in the Earth. Rather than I’d known at the time on that day that for the first time in my life I would effortlessly be able to view my own etheric body, my etheric double, the ether of other people and an assortment of multidimensional beings that use the Ether roam the place after sunset. This ability left with me that day would impact my life in profound ways sending me off on a path that I could never have dreamed of or considered earlier in my adult life.

I’ll have to admit it’s a unique phenomenon to be able to view with the naked eye, the body’s etheric vapor-like emanations that I’d never heard of nor experienced before. I’d heard of ether before but not really understood it’s meaning and up close – personal like I do now as it wasn’t taught in high school or college. Rather than I knew that it’s been here since my birth, a relationship unbeknownst to me all my life, for it is otherwise hidden in plain sight but our eyes don’t pick it up. Another thing is this, it’s known as the “Spirit” in our bodies or that which the soul rides out of the dying body on. Now I see why ghosts were depicted as white sheet floating cloud like things. Now even the pentagram makes much more sense as it’s historically known to represent the five elements essential to all life on Earth. The first element or point on the pentagram is Earth, secondly is Water, third is Air, the fourth element is Fire and the fifth element, drum role please… Spirit (or Ether). You’d be lucky to find this mentioned in any occult books or resources. Rudolf Steiner had a firm working knowledge of such phenomenon but his works aren’t well publicized nor receive the credit they deserve. The ability and natural techniques that had suddenly manifested into my life; the ability to see the etheric bodies of myself and others, auras and second sight.

blivious of its true nature, origins, and intent. Almost two years had passed since I first noticed what I used to call White Smoke for lack of any source material or information about it. I emailed friends who were spiritual teachers and healers and my questions fell unanswered in silence, no one knew. I’d nearly given up on finding any information, then around the first of Summer 2019, I had finally after roughly a year and a half of searching the internet for answers the day came when the search terms I’d tried actually retrieved for me what I’d been looking for, the identification of this phenomena of seeing “white smoke”. Quite honestly it felt as if the search engines were censoring access to this field of knowledge.

Now I’m aware and know what this phenomenon is called and how and where to go in my research to learn more. This “white smoke” is called the Etheric Body and permeates all living things. Much information is out there on the “Ethernet” but one has to be specific as the search engine algorithms don’t link it to input such as vapors from my body, mist, smoke, etc. obvious terms which should’ve retrieved more hits than I’d been getting using Google and other search engines.

It all started the day I went to a friend’s home to attend a gathering to listen to a Shaman-ness channel the Kontomble Little People and answer our questions. As a left-brain dominated electrical engineer it was a tall order to sit through the sessions but I held space in open mindedness, in presence without judging what was happening. Albeit it was a bit much to swallow much less digest as I’d always supposed any elemental or beings were the brains way of “mapping” certain earth energy signatures into some archetypal form to make it easier to grasp and deal with.

Rewinding to the day I’d left the offering by the cave opening where all this wild psychic ability began to appear in my life, on a warm sunny January afternoon I began contemplating hiking down to explore some of the rock outcroppings and caves that dot the sheer rocky cliffs that comprise the rocky gorge that is my back yard. While planning what I would bring and do when I got there, the thought flashed in my head to contact my friend who is well known globally as Kontomble Medicine. I reached out and asked her to jog my memory what would be best offering to introduce myself to the “gnomes and dwarves” as your new “caretaker”. I’ve studied high magick and been initiated in two heavy hitters in the Mystery School arena. Although I’d become quite proficient with Magick I really didn’t know what to think of the four elements, Earth, Water, Air and Fire and the “Elementals” that ruled or presided over each. To me they were avatar like archetypal beings that our minds use to translate earth energies or phenomenon into something understandable by the human brain. I didn’t take it too seriously that there were actually real Little People living in the underground caves in the forest around my place. In a way I thought it was definitely a possibility but statistically low odds of likelihood of probability. Yet, I kept an open mind, my fingers crossed and suspension of judgement and just went ahead and prepared a neighborly care basket for the “Neighbors” that I hadn’t met or introduced myself to yet having lived here already three years. A little late is better than never I thought so gathered my things and their offerings packed up and hiked down to the site I would present the offerings I’d prepared and introduce myself.

“My name is Seven, your land’s new human caretaker” “Under my watch as the temporary steward of this land, I’ll do my best to promise you things will be kept as they are, no major building projects, selling off trees, blasting rocks, clearing land, etc. I keep in mind that no one really owns land we merely own the right to live and do what we please on our private property. That at the end of the year we all pay our county taxes or face being removed from “our” land. With clear intent and an open heart I suspended my left brain logic and doubter critic long enough to delivery a little heartfelt speech. After pouring my heart out to them as honest, clean and clear as I could, it was time to leave the offerings at the mouth of a small cave with large overhanging rock that kept most of the weather from the entrance area.

Small cave opening that leads deep into the Earth. The first place on my property that was used as an altar for
the offerings

Carefully I laid out their gifts I’d prepared in a nice spread and still didn’t know how all of this worked but kept my doubting Thomas side quite long enough to suspend this aspect of mind to just enjoy and be present in the experience. It worked. I respectfully bowed and walked backwards a bit to a nice flat area and sat in a half lotus asana and began to meditate with no contemplations or thought. Just clear mind void of the usual monkey business. After about fifteen minutes or so, through closed eyelids, between a setting sun over the ridge opposite of where I was sitting , I began to notice something producing a shadow like as subtly blocking the sun passing through my eyelid striking my retina in a dazzling red and orange colored display. Just to be sure I peeked with one eye, everything’s okay, no dwarves are coming out to fetch their offerings. Well it happened a few more times and peeking through one slit observed a vapor like cloud wafting by my face and body. This now had my full attention as being versed in ceremonial magick and working with earth elementals is that a smokey mist or foggy vapors are known to appear in a triangle outside of the Magician’s protective circle followed by full translucent holographic to solid physical manifestation upon being summoned or invoked. I’d never done this only read about it but it had my curiosity and some excitement that something was about to happen. After a time or two more I opened my eyes and observed what appeared to be fine vapor or gentle winds wafting by originating from what appeared to be, my guess the mouth of the cave. Then leftbrain kicked in with it’s well rounded common sence that moist warmer air from within the earth was rising up and out into this outside environment thus condensing it into a fog or vapor cloud. Oh well, my entusiasm shrank at the news delivered by the nerdy brainy logical aspect of my then thinking mind. Yes, that had to be it! I thought as I resumed meditation and closed my eyes. Back to normal reality I thought before breathing them away. But in a flash, like a lightening bolt both of my eyes opened wide as I realized I was dealt junk science from the inner leftie critic. It was in the mid sixties on that day in January an unseasonably mild warm day for that time of the year. Now right brain chidded left brain on the blunder and resumed final minutes of the meditation. I began to pack up my things and recall dreading the almost vertical ascent to my home at top of the ridge.

A photo of the burrow or tunnel I’d found on my hike out. Didn’t see this before and was surprised to see it especially once I shined flashlight into it

As I made my way on the little foot path barely wide enough for a goat, I noticed a tunnel that coming down here that I’ve never seen before. Shining my flashlight into the dark hole i was taken back by the golden bling that nearly blinded me in dazzling 24 karat prisms and thoughts that flooded my mind that this is real, they are here and (maybe) have offered me this tunnel of gold as a kind gesture. But my gut instincts even barely knowing nothing about these beings thought it could be a trick of some sort. So I let it be and proceed to make my way home. The days that followed were injected with a sort of tingling excitement at the prospects of that day’s events. It validated that likely these little folk were real and living here but that they had actually given me a gift. The days passed with my contemplating going back down there with shovel and a bad to get some samples to verify. Yes, my intuition was letting me know maybe I shouldn’t that it could be a sort of test or trap. Blinded by curiosity I packed up the tools and headed back down to the cave area specifically to the tunnel that I’d seen on my way out a few days earlier. Reaching the spot, I made no delay in getting ready to dig out what appeared to be veins of gold adorning the almost circular tunnel that looked rather well used and worn by some animal or dare I say the Little Folk. Carefully I plunged my shovel down t

The “Gold” Veins inside the little tunnel I’d found leaving the cave site

he shaft scraping the dirt/rock walls that collapsed burying my first sample under a lot of dirt and rock. A few more attempts blinded me to the fact that I’d really messed up their tunnel and sort of slight panic I began just shoveling out what I could and take it home and pan it. Eureka I got a golden rock nugget from the dirt and in my haste tossed it up to the little flat ledge I’d walked on leaving the cave above. Gently lobbed it up there could see where it landed and heard the thud. After bagging the dirt climbed up to view my “prize” which had disappeared. I stayed and looked until it began getting dark and temperature was dropping in contrast to days earlier to frigid cold. As it grew darker I decided to leave it and come back with flash light or day time to find it. Ascending the trail that leads back to my house a few meters from the cave notice my nose was running. Thinking it was nasal drip from falling temperatures and stronger winds used back of hand to control it as I had no tissue or had this issue before here.

I almost fainted when I noticed my hand, now twilight had set in and my hand looked a dark red, it was blood! My nose is bleeding and this ain’t no nasal drip. I can’t recall the last time I had a nose bleed, decades and decades ago maybe. I felt dizzy and faint, jarred by the site of blood felt weak and sat down to pull myself together. I had a long hike back uphill with forty pounds of dirt and a shovel in the dark. Made it back home a bit deflated and feeling like I’d been pranked in a not too nice way. I began to notice that evening shortly after returning home that something didn’t feel right.

Me and Buddy taking a break after hiking back fatigued, bleeding nose and feeling weird sense of loss of familiarity

Something was off and couldn’t pin point it at first. My home didn’t look like it used to. It was as if I was here looking at my house from someone else’s eyes. Nothing looked familiar as if I were looking at for the first time from another’s perception. It seemed weird and alien-like. I myself in fact didn’t feel like me, like I’d lost the perception of myself or didn’t identify or recognize myself or surroundings in some degree. Nothing seemed familiar anymore, myself, home, truck, land, food everything had been tainted and it wasn’t pleasant. Days passed as I awoke to viewing myself and surroundings with a new set of eyes. About a week passed and still not quite myself began to grow concerned that it hadn’t cleared up and began searching internet for some information on what this affliction was and how to recover from it. Persistently I stayed on the computer until I found what I’d been looking for. Depersonalization disorder (DPD), also known as depersonalization/derealization disorder (DPDR). Bulls Eye I thought, this was clearly th condition I found myself in for a week now with now end in sight. Morning after morning I’d awaken with same sense of unfamiliar surroundings. I read up on as much as I could on the subject as well as began research into afflictions caused by Elves or Faeries. This is were things began to get interesting. Found something called Elf Shot and Faery Struck and from the Appalachian Mountains where I live articles surfaced about the Cherokee Little People and how those unfortunate to cross paths with them were left dazed and confused for days afterwards.

And so as days passed my normal perception began to return the sense of familiarity back to me although not 100% It excited me that I’d had this wild experience, another notch of my belt for weird magical situations and circumstances that plagued my life since I could remember longer before entering schools of magick. Growing up in a family of a well known psychic, folk healer, white witch, my great grandmother Ma Crofton, who had already passed away three years before my birth, seemed to have a reach beyond the grave and alive in the minds and memories of the folks living in Richmond and surrounding counties in North Carolina. In a lot of ways her mystery had touched me up close and personal. As a child I recall how larger than life she seemed and the impact she’d left on this small rural town’s people. Looking back there is no doubt she had a hand somehow in my life and seemed to be trying to prepare me for something, all the while introducing me to my own innate gifts little by little when I was ready to receive them. Without a doubt her powerful presence in my life has guided me to the path in life that I now walk, the road less traveled, a lonely stretch of footpath through the dark forest that straddles the border of ordinary and extraordinary, the mundane and sacred, the profane and magickal. The path that winds along side of the Veil which is thinning by the day it seems these days. That path in life that I would travel navigated me here to the land where I call home, that which I share with the Good Neighbors, The Fae. Once I landed here and became cognizant of the otherworldly inhabitants of the place, my life would change in what would become an existence of pure magick and wonder. Forever freed from the fetters and binding of mass programming used to render our source or connection to the magickal life of self empowerment forever severed, null and void, I chose to do what anyone would do in my shoes. After to coming to terms with the reality of what is exactly happening to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt I was dealing with several races of “people” hidden from mankind for at least the past two thousand years. Prior to being lulled into a deep sleep mankind once enjoyed symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationships working with and partnering up with these incredible magickal beings. Now as our kind has entered collectively into the age of Aquarius, or Horus we have the chance with the Universe on our side to take advantage of currents of collective awakening energies that are beginning to flow and intelligently use them to create a new aeon, a new golden age for human kind being birthed to last a thousand years and beyond. Never to relive the horrors of the last two thousand years of darkness again.