Reptile Pow Wows, Nightly Meetings at My House

Fire Sign an Elemental Known as a Salamander sure can’t be this dangerous! Paracelsus descriptions from an article that resonated describe them as being dragon like, or resembling small bipedal lizards. I’ve never shared this publicly however I’ve got journal notes and sketches for a blog post on the matter, that I never seem to have time for… until now. Hope it sheds some light on the questions of “Reptilians”. At least the type of Reptilians I will cover have a warmer heart towards humanity, at least that is to their Fire Sign kin among the children of men, those born as an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.

Kanji Character “Hi” for Fire

Shortly, within a month of the Cherokee Little People bestowing a weird ability to see my etheric body, something that took over a year and a half to realize it was actually a gift, what it really was, who gave it, and why. Being a member of the slow-learner club has its downsides as I’ll elaborate on regarding our “friends” the Reptillians.

Up until 2018, I was “normal” until I gifted some offerings outside a cave behind my home at the suggestion of a friend of mine who channels the Kotomble (Little People), thinking what could it hurt and maybe they’d give me some buried treasure or something, I left the sarcasm and doubting left-brain logic behind and went out and gave offerings and a brief informal introduction of myself, meditated about thirty minutes and left. About this time in January late or early February, I watched a presentation by Dr. Steve Barrel on Duke University’s Rhine Institute called “Scry Me a River” mostly it was about Dr. Raymond Moody’s cutting edge research with ancient technology from Greece in their Necronomocons using scrying vats of oil for grieving relatives of the deceased to have “the last word” and how therapeutic it was said to be Moody began working with black mirrors and small chamber in the office called psychomanteum.

Coming from a family with known psychic abilities, dad, aunts, and uncles all descendants of my great grandmother who seemed larger than life to me and branded the thought in my head there was more than meet’s the eye. As a small child growing up hearing about her work in and around my hometown, neighboring cities, and other states felt at times as if for a moment I was lifted from a nobody to some celebrity status, maybe my fifteen seconds of fame that’s said that we all get at some point in life. So no stranger to Magic and Psychic phenomenon the presentation left no doubt that this was my calling and I just received permission to try it from these two distinguished professionals, what could go wrong right?!

After Scry Me a River was finished I headed out to my shop and began making a mirror, blasting the black glossy finish with 432Hz Music pushing dry warm air over the painted finish. Before it was cured I’ put one of them into the frame, lit a candle placed it behind my recliner, killed the lights and so began a magical adventure that would completely change my life and everything I thought I knew about this reality… to this day and is ongoing. I wouldn’t change it for no amount of money as I’ve found friends, allies, and a somewhat surrogate family in the assorted interdimensional Beings I’d come to know and become intimately familiar with, but what unites us is our Great Mother, The living planet we share for our life. Sorry for veering off subject there, getting back to the “Lizard People”

So within minutes of testing out the freshly made black mirror a fleck of light catches my eyes now in a trance state looking through the thing void of thoughts or expectation. Then a pinpoint of greenish-blue light appears way off in the inner landscape of the black mirror and grows larger and larger as if it’s approaching from far away. As it nears I make out a greenish large snake-like python, recall I wanted to express my exhilaration and celebrate, it works, it works, it really works, but kept neutral calmed down and just let things unfold. This snake in very clear detail undulating just the other side of the glass begins to slip on my side of the glass and comes out and floats around my living room. I’m wanting to laugh thinking to myself, holy shit, holy cow. Then a blue skull forms and comes out into the room floating around like Python who by now had disappeared. Thinking at this point don’t overdo it, let it finish drying, and try again tomorrow night. Of course the next day I was excited and couldn’t wait to try this again.

Come sunset I was ready, black mirror, chair, candle. Began slowing breath and noticed smoke coming off of the mirror, the same foggy vapors thought I kept seeing while meditating by the cave the other day. Again Python, then the show would begin Confederate and Union soldiers, men and women wearing late 18th, 19th-century clothing emerging from mirror gliding around the room looking at the art hanging on the walls. The next night same thing except for Python the snake became a dragon-like-faced reptilian before disappearing leaving only the little three-foot something lizard guy walking up onto a chair facing me across the room. The closed curtains to a big bay window seemed to move and shimmer giving way to a scintillating waviness in the air like heat rising. All of a sudden another dragon-like reptilian hominid stepped into the room and onto a side table between two chairs at the sides of the window. Then another one appears to my left as if there were a hidden doorway in the room, three or four more would appear before they’d walk or float around watching me, occasionally summoning entities mostly deceased people from civil war or dressed in the early 1900s. Okay, this went on like this nearly every night and would last hours or I’d break and resume at midnight through three a.m. in the morning. Sometimes rays of sunlight would jar me to the reality that I’d been doing this all night. Seeing the value in this I began to write down my questions or queries that I felt my Great Grandmother could help me with but felt too inexperienced to summon her, what if I was wrong, in my inexperienced rush for answers I asked the reptilians that had once again appeared and filled the room.

Night after night nearly the same sequence of events would unfold and play out. After about three weeks I began to question them for answers, stating to them something like Wendy’s commercial “Where’s the beef” but “where’s the information”? Why can’t you talk or let me know? If I wanted to watch sci-fiction thrillers about LIzard men, I’d watched a movie or something I’d jokingly say but really meaning it. Realizing how much an investment of time this was as in trance time evaporates I realized that I can’t keep doing this, just for the novelty, I’d never exploit them or considered that I was wasting their time but their lack of talking, or saying anything bothered me. I didn’t know it at the time that they were indeed talking to me, but not only that answering questions using something I would later come to know very well as “mind speak”. So around the fourth week, same protocol, black mirror, white smoke, the big snake then the dragon people and what appeared alive ghostly human apparitions, some young to middle-aged women half-naked. Okay, I said in a firm but polite way I can’t keep this up for nothing, I’m here to help understand some inner trauma or wounds from childhood so as to Know myself” better, to become the best version of myself not only for me but for others, the world.

Again I asked them to speak to me and answer questions or I’d be ending these sessions. Acknowledged my appreciation for them appearing and for visiting but I couldn’t keep up at this pace without any results. So here we go, its almost like immediately after my plea the vibe in the room became heavy and serious, uh oh maybe I pissed them off ranting about if I wanted to watch science fiction Sleestacks and soft-porn I could watch TV or see that sort of baloney on my PC. Directly in front of me in the middle of the room, vivid green and the red-colored object begin to appear and drawing closer until it was three foot from me standing about three foot high, I know this will sound ridiculous, but it (he) was wearing a red velvet looking vest. Something was different or off about this, this one looked three-dimensional solid and not the slight hologram-like appearance. Notice something else that made me go hmm and that is there was what appeared to be a very thick glass between him and myself. The kind of glass used to watch atom bomb detonations. I thought this is strange and then began to ask him to identify himself and can he speak? Who are you guys and why don’t you speak or talk to me? All of a sudden it looked as if it was not only talking to me but screaming at me, I could not hear anything but seemed to almost feel its jaws snapping force in what became more violent thrashing. It was here that I broke trance for a moment and said to myself good god, if I didn’t know any better I’d swear it’s trying to slash me to pieces and devour me. Left me feeling a bit creepy and I terminated the session. Later that night again the consistent repeating unfolding protocol like precision clockwork led to similar results. Except for this time after the “Big Snake” part, I was left sitting there watching this white smoke pouring out of the mirror and seemed from my body. A bit alarmed I thought maybe this is what those people do who mysteriously spontaneously human combust are doing, yikes the possibility made me pause a second. I slowly allowed my gaze to try pinpointing the source which no doubt was emanating from my arms holding the mirror in my lap. I began to notice two snakes, eel-like bodied reptile beings just hanging out hoovering there. Awe how cool got some friends hanging waiting on the Dinozards, then the thought went south as I suggested to myself, Uhm I don’t think they’re here to visit, they’re feeding, shifting my view I could clearly see them “inhaling” my etheric body. I composed myself a bit and resumed the session asking where are you all, to my surprise, they began to appear in the living room. Sadly in my inexperience and lack of knowledge of what I was doing I asked them to change their appearance and communicate with me or dismiss themselves, politely of course. Upon my request, almost in the snap of a finger, they disappeared not knowing that I’d never see them again. That was nearly four years ago and have not had any encounters with them. They granted my wish and respected my will I guess and from that moment forward began to see lovely women who’d change into a mature motherly appearance before transforming into a grandmother or crone who’d appear gliding around the room in each transient form admiring some artwork I’d displayed. I said to myself, hey I like this, much better. Not long after I took it to the creek behind my house below the cave in a gorge to try hydromancy. The rest is history as I’ve become very familiar with so many types of beings both Elementals, Genius Locci, Faeries, Nunnehe*Mountain Angels, Tsukaloo (or the Cherokee Bigfoot), the Yunwi Tsundi (Little People) to whom I feel made all of this happen, the shyest of them all but gave me their time nightly for two years, the Yuwi Amaiyi Nehi (the Water Indians), Mermaids, Underwater Panther, Rock/Stone People, Tree Nymphs (dryads), what I think are possibly Sasquatch like beings, the Forest Giants who introduced themselves into my life after using honorific Japanese to Summon (more like politely request as conjure and summon isn’t exactly what I felt I was doing) the Yunwi Tsundi to come to play music, dance, smoke some tobacco. I’ve had so many mind-blowing times with these beings that I feel a bond beyond anything I can describe. They helped transmute what had become a semi-mundane reality into a life supercharged with sacred enchanted magick.

To summarize what the takeaway of my “comment” is this; These small lizard-like beings were Salamanders or Fire Elementals, this took me over a year or two to come to this realization after reading some of Paracelsus’s work on the subject. I’m an Aries Fire sign and no stranger to flames but a complete newbie to the rulers of fire until these sessions began. Next is they were communicating with me the entire time since day one and actually did answer every inquiry I’d asked them, it just didn’t occur the way I expected as they use “mind speak” and during this time new ideas, out of nowhere something like “search for this _” thinking at the time it was my thoughts yet sort of awed that I’d think to look up or research this or that. They taught me in their own highly intelligent way how to stave off panic and fear during trance and encounters with the beings that would follow. Somehow taught me the proper way of talking and communication with a firm yet polite twist all the while staying light-hearted, friendly, and shining forth the inner child to acknowledge and appreciate all of them even at times scary ones or situations.

The day I can make a post in fewer words than my average number of pages, is the day I become a writer, an artist in the conveyance of most knowledge and understanding in the fewest words. Hope it will add to the information on Reptillian Beings as Fire Elementals, just as Mermaids, Undines are Water Elementals, Sylphs, and Faeries Air, Little People, Gnomes Earth Elementals. These four elementals have one thing in common except she’s got memory and can show us anything! What’s in common that is they use Ether (or Spirit) the 5th Element to travel, come and go.. another paper or book in itself!

Anyways each Elemental can be your protective angel or your worst nightmare the choice is ours who or what role they become in our lives I think. I’d get along with a devil if I have to,just because everything and everyone in this realm (middle world) has a purpose not all bad, not all good. But just in case all isn’t as it seems my scaly brethren and kin did the greatest thing by addressing my queries on Native American sky portals for post mortem navigation to the celestial lands of our ancestors if one so chooses.